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How to Find the Best Price for Fleet Vehicles

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Vehicle purchasing is the most expensive aspects of fleet management, and although if properly maintained a good vehicle will last a long time, eventually you’ll need to purchase new vehicles. Finding the best price can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you!  Follow these five easy tips for buying fleet vehicles, and you’ll be on the road in no time. 

Tips for Buying Fleet Vehicles

Choose the Right Dealership


While you can purchase fleet-appropriate vans and trucks from almost any dealership, you’ll only get fully helpful service and deals at one that specializes in fleet vehicles. Fleet sales reps are going to understand exactly what you need and how to find it in as little time as possible. And bonus, they’re usually far more equipped to offer bulk deals without having to get manager approval.


Invoice vs. Sticker Price


When negotiating discounts with a fleet rep, your first instinct is to work with the sticker price, but you’ll often end up paying more. When looking for a starting point for price negotiations, look to the dealer invoice cost as your starting point. While the dealer still needs to make a profit on the sale, many are willing to sell for only $250-$1,000 over the invoice price. That’s a huge discount!


Compare Deals


Not all dealers will or can work with invoice pricing. When that’s the case, your best option is to call around and check sticker prices at several fleet dealerships. Don’t be afraid to go significantly out of your area, either. Many fleet dealerships will offer special deals on bulk long distance purchasing and will also be open to working out prices that are below sticker price.


Look for Discounts


Not only are there dealer discounts available when purchasing or leasing at least five vehicles, but there is also special bulk purchasing incentives and discounts available through the manufacturers themselves. For example, Ford offers group purchase incentives anywhere from $500-$5500 depending on the type and the number of vehicles you’re looking to purchase. They also offer a fleet advantage program.


Consider Auctions

Lastly, another great way to find deals on fleet vehicles is at auctions. However, it’s not recommended that you purchase from public auctions as those vehicles are usually repossessed and come with no warranties and guarantees. It’s also virtually impossible for private companies to bid on bulk fleets at private auctions, so your best option is to have a dealer bid for you. Contact the fleet rep you feel most comfortable with and find out how they manage the auction process. Often they’ll seek out the best auction deals for you for a nominal fee, and ultimately you could end up saving thousands of dollars on the vehicles themselves.


Replacing fleet vehicles doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. With just a little research and good communication with your rep, you can have the vehicles you need on-site at a deep discount in no time.


Looking for cargo management solutions for your new fleet?

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