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Upgrade your truck’s security with our commercial-grade aluminum truck cap, boasting a 30% larger door access size than competitors for effortless loading.

Featuring a modular design, enjoy easy customization and maintenance, while the robust 3-point locking handles offer superior theft protection. Our truck topper is designed to seamlessly integrate with other truck storage solutions, supporting ladder racks and toolboxes for maximum functionality.

We are excited to roll out the New Adrian Steel Truck Cap!

As part of the initial rollout, the following vehicles will be featured:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5’ Bed – 2019 and Newer
  • Ford F-150, 6.5’ Bed – 2021 and Newer

Additional models coming in 2024:

  • Chevrolet Colorado, 5’ Bed
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 8′ Bed
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, 8’ Bed
  • Dodge Ram, 6.3’ Bed
  • Dodge Ram 1500, 8’ Bed
  • Dodge Ram 2500/3500, 8’ Bed
  • Ford Maverick, 4.5’ Bed
  • Ford Ranger, 5’ Bed
  • Ford Lightning, 5.5’ Bed
  • Ford F-150, 8′ Bed
  • Ford F-250 / F-350 Super Duty, 8’ Bed

The Perfect Truck Cap For Your Business

Select a preconfigured truck cap developed for common industry needs or take charge and build your own with our configurator tool!

Start Building

Preconfigured Options

23″ Truck Cap, Hatch Door w/ Mechanical Lock

OEM Pickup Truck Part Number
Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5′ Bed TFKGMT178HM23W
Ford F-150, 6.5′ Bed TFKFDT178HM23W

Build Your Own Truck Cap

STEP 1: Roof Kit (white)

  23″ Tall
OEM Pickup Truck Part Number
Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5′ Bed TRK7823W
Ford F-150, 6.5′ Bed TRK7823W

STEP 2: Side Kit (white) - Order 2

  23″ Tall
OEM Pickup Truck Part Number
Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5′ Bed TSK78M23W
Ford F-150, 6.5′ Bed TSK78M23W

STEP 3: Door Hardware (white)

Mechanical Hardware 23″ Tall
OEM Pickup Truck Part Number
Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5′ Bed THKGMT178M23
Ford F-150, 6.5′ Bed THKFDT178M23

STEP 4: Door Style - Closure Kit (white)

  23″ Tall
OEM Pickup Truck Hatch Door with Mechanical Lock
Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 6.5′ Bed TCK78HM23W
Ford F-150, 6.5′ Bed TCK78HM23W

Working Hard for Hard Workers: Our Aluminum Truck Topper Advantage

30% More Access from Outside the Truck

Gain faster and easier access to your tools with side doors that are 30% larger than current toppers in the market.

Weather/Dust Resistant (Patent Pending)

Integrated rain gutters push water away from assembly seams and pre-installed rubber gaskets prevent runoff from entering the access doors. Unique compression handle for a tighter seal.

Modular Design (Patent Pending)

Easy to accessorize. Minimizes cost of body repair (only replace panels impacted).

Industry-Best Lead Times

Your Truck Cap will be delivered in DAYS vs. MONTHS

Superior Theft Protection

Commercial-grade aluminum construction. 3-point locking handles on rear doors. 2-point locking handles on the rear hatch. 11 key variations.

Ladder Rack & Toolbox Ready

Integrated roof rails allow easy installation of any Adrian Steel ladder rack. Convenient attachment points for toolboxes or interior ladder racks.

3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

Minimal to no driver downtime – Tested and Ready to exceed expectations!


A flat surface for branding and messaging minimizes graphic installation costs.

Make the most of your Truck Cap with a Customized Toolbox

Fully Configurable

Many combinations with 17.5” depth.


The toolbox can fit small items and bins up to large tool cases.

Easy to Accessorize

Adrian Steel has rugged and easily visible cases, bins, and other accessories to complete your upfit.

Build Your Own Truck Cap

Toolbox Shelving and Divider Options

Preconfigured Options

6.5’ Bed Trucks – 17.5” deep, 75” long, 20” tall

Click on the images below for a list of orderable components

Download the Truck Cap Brochure

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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