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Adrian Steel Unveils Revolutionary Truck Solutions

March 6, 2024

Adrian Steel, a market leader in cargo management solutions for commercial vans, proudly introduces an innovative lineup of truck solutions at this year’s Work Truck Show. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023, Adrian Steel has embarked on a journey to extend its expertise into the commercial pickup upfitting sector, with the experience and success of their history in cargo vans.

A New Era for Commercial Pickup Upfitting

Since 2022, Adrian Steel has been focused on transforming the commercial pickup upfitting landscape, leveraging its strong foundation in the cargo management van solutions sector. Through extensive market research and valuable insights from discussions with employees, fleet customers, and distributors, we’ve identified unique needs across different vocations and set out to address them comprehensively.

Adrian Steel’s innovation-led efforts in 2023 have culminated in the launch of unparalleled upfitting solutions that set a new standard in the industry. Comprised of multiple products manufactured by one company. These offerings are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of both commercial and fleet customers, embodying their commitment to a ‘No boundaries’ philosophy.

Integrated Truck Solutions – A Comprehensive Approach

Jeff Warnecke, V.P. of Sales at Adrian Steel, shared the exciting developments in truck solutions, emphasizing the company’s dedication to providing key components for a complete pickup truck upfit:

  • Modular Truck Cap: The cap features an all-aluminum modular design, making it easier to ship, stock, and protect from the elements. Its modular nature allows for easy replacement of individual panels, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options.
  • Ladder Rack: The Profile Series ladder rack, introduced last year, offers great versatility, ergonomics, and ease of installation, ensuring that ladders are transported securely and without damage.
  • Cargo Slide: With the acquisition of Extendobed in June 2023, Adrian Steel has solidified its offering in cargo management. Extendobed’s EBL1272 model features 110% extension and a 1200lb weight capacity, accommodating unevenly distributed weight, a capability unmatched by competitors.
  • Shelving Solutions: Tailored to enhance the utility of the cargo slide and cap, Adrian Steel’s shelving solutions offer integrated and customizable storage options for tools and consumables.

A Symphony of Innovation and Efficiency

Designed with intent and industry leading lead times, Adrian Steel’s Integrated Truck Solution is underpinned by a warranty from a single company, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for its users. This solution stands as a testament to Adrian Steel’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

It Starts at the Top: Adrian Steel Modular Truck Cap

The modular truck cap, the centerpiece of Adrian Steel’s new offerings, boasts several industry-leading features:

  • All Aluminum Modular Architecture: Enhanced flexibility in ordering and replacing panels, along with customization options for toolboxes, ladder racks, and electronics.
  • Best in Class Design Elements: Offers 30% more square footage of cargo access, weather and dust resistance, and bodyside integrity, thanks to its .08 aluminum construction.
  • Efficiency and Customization: Offering seamless ladder rack installation, toolbox additions at any time, and a flat panel design for easy graphics application.  

Leading the Market with Unmatched Lead Times

Adrian Steel stands out not only for its innovative design but also for its industry-best lead times, ensuring that customers maximize their time on the job. The solution is launching with the F150 and Silverado/Sierra with 6.5ft box, with plans to expand offerings to all key full-size and midsize commercial pickups throughout the balance of 2024.

New Truck Upfit Products Launched by Adrian Steel!

October 3, 2023

Adrian Steel is proud to unveil its latest line of upfit products, specifically tailored for tradespeople who lean on their trucks for daily tasks. Recognizing the shift from compact vans to trucks, we’ve seamlessly transitioned our top-tier van upfit solutions to accommodate truck users, ensuring that professionals won’t have to compromise on efficiency and reliability as they move away from compact vans that are being phased out of production.

Key Highlights:

  • Five Specialized Packages: Catering to HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Security, and a versatile Base option.
  • User-Centric Design: Each package integrates tools and consumables specific to its vocation, built upon our signature shelving units.
  • Topper Compatibility: All packages are optimized for trucks equipped with a topper for enhanced functionality and protection.

Check out the latest truck upfits and accessories on our website!

Spring 2022 Product Launch

January 1, 2022

This week, Adrian Steel is participating in NTEA’s Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, IN. We are announcing a launch of over 20 new products for work vans, trucks, and beyond! Among these launches are additions to our popular lines of equipment, and brand-new solutions for transporting all types of cargo! Here is a highlight of some of our most exciting new launches:

Expanded Profile™ Roof Rack Series

ProLift™ – The ProLift™ is up to 50% easier to operate than comparable drop-down style ladder racks. This makes it the safest and easiest drop-down ladder rack system on the market. Using unique patent-pending, mechanical advantages, and Lift-Assist Technology, ProLift™ raises and lowers ladders with an almost effortless pull, saving you time and energy while reducing back and shoulder injuries. The low-force operation is extremely smooth, reducing operator fatigue and injury so you can perform the job efficiently, effortlessly, and safely. ProLift™ supports a variety of ladders ranging from 7’ step ladders to 40’ extension ladders. ProLift™ can also double stack ladders at up to 100lbs. per side. The rack is low-profile, lightweight, and built to last.

Grip-Lock – Grip-Lock’s simple, one-handle operation and adjustable clamping pads provide safe and easy operation with the flexibility to accommodate more ladders than any comparable competitor rack.

HD Utility Rack – This rack is modular in design allowing you to build a custom rack to support the variety of cargo you need to carry. Now available for vans, pickup trucks, toppers, enclosed service bodies, and trailers.

The Profile™ HD truck bed rack features an aerodynamic design and can hold up to 1,000 lbs. with its wide foot base and durable aluminum construction. The streamlined, minimalistic design features aerodynamic edges to keep resistance and whistling to a minimum, even at highway speeds. Carry lumber, ladders, building materials, canoes, kayaks, and more! Includes industrial-grade wear strips for loading and unloading without wearing or scratching your equipment. The Profile™ HD Rack is made in multiple sizes to allow for the best fit for your truck. A premium, durable powder coat finish adds style as well as protection against scratches and corrosion.

EZLoad™ Tank Rack System

The EZLoad™ Tank Rack System, is designed to improve accessibility and storage functionality for anyone transporting tank cargo. The EZLoad™ system is designed to be installed at a 45° angle to give you the most ergonomic, grab-n-go access to your tanks. The EZLoad™ racks’ modular patent-pending design allows you to build a perfect configuration of 30 – 50 lb. tanks and/or acetylene tank options. Stack, mix-and-match, or add shelves to find the best configuration for you.


16” Deep Shelving

We took our Heavy-Duty Series of shelving to the next level by expanding the shelf depth without sacrificing aisle space. You can safely and securely store wire and cable boxes, commercial storage cases, and more. We have also eliminated wasted space around the wheel well with an 8” shelf option keeping loose pipes and fittings from rolling around the van floor. Our revolutionary under-the-shelf conduit prevents slips, trips, and falls by securely storing your conduit under the shelves!

Wheelwell Pipe Tray – Never again dig in frustration for shorter lengths of pipe! Experience the all-new Adrian Steel Pipe & Tube Quick Tray as a go-to solution for safely and securely transporting up to 52″ copper pipe, conduit tubes, or other long and thin items conveniently inside your work van. This custom solution prevents items from being thrown loosely into a cargo area full of heavy/dirty tools of the trade. Instead, users can prevent items such as their copper pipes and plastic conduit from any unnecessary damage or destruction with their own safe and clean space that is easily accessible. The Quick Tray installs next to the wheel well and has a unique tapered shape to keep tubes tight/secure.

Undershelf 10’ Conduit Tray – Safely carry all your full-length pipe and tubes inside your van with Adrian Steel’s Under Shelf Pipe & Tube Carrier. Extremely easy access and more convenient than reaching overhead to a top carrier. This Under Shelf Carrier is a full-length, dedicated box compartment that utilizes the space next to the wheel well and will keep your pipes and tubes clean, dry, and away from any unnecessary damage or destruction from the daily grind of the cargo area.

Additional Van Organizers for Grab-And-Go Storage of Caulk, Gas Cylinders, And More.

Open Storage Box Tray – Versatile storage box trays are ideal for storing multiple items in full view for quick, easy access. These boxes come with 2 dividers, which are adjustable on 1″ centers and the open top allows storing tall and larger items. These units mount on rear door panels, partitions, or shelf end panels of your van, eliminating the need to enter the vehicle. High-quality all-steel construction trays are made of durable heavy-duty, non-corrosive metal for long-lasting dependability. Mounts to any flat surface.

  • Narrow Tray: 14″W x 5 1/4″D x 4 3/4″H
  • Wide Tray: 24″W x 5 1/4″D x 4 3/4″H

Gas Cylinder & Spray Bottle Holder – These dual-purpose caddy trays hold up to four 14oz/400g gas cylinders, as well as two spray bottles up to 3” in diameter. This is the perfect solution for keeping your gas canisters organized. A convenient front storage tray is designed to slightly tilt all cylinders and bottles at a slight forward angle, making it much easier to use than traditional straight upright designs. Available in either 14″ or 24″ width. Trays have a durable gray powder coat finish and come complete with all mounting hardware. Mounts to almost any flat surface. Unit dimensions are 14″W or 24″W x 7″D x 9 1/4″H.

Caulk Tube Holder – You’ll know exactly where your caulk tubes are in your van with our new Caulk Tube Trays. Stores up to eight caulk tubes in 2 5/8″ holes. The unique tilted hole design places caulk tubes on an outward angle making it hassle-free to grab the tubes when it’s time to work. Easily mounts to just about any flat vertical surface in your van, including door panels and the end of a shelving unit to provide access without having to enter the van. Trays have a durable gray powder coat finish and come complete with all mounting hardware.

Instant Work Table – Fold down when you need it, fold up when you don’t. This versatile wall or panel-mounted workstation easily folds up and out of the way when not in use. It can function as a quick project station on your van door, partition, or as a folding table in your garage or shop. It has an all-steel body, and the work surface is constructed with a solid composite wood top. Its slim profile is only 4″ deep when stowed away, and the work surface is 18″ x 30″ when folded down. With just a pull downward, the gas struts will lower with a smooth, soft action to provide your instant work surface. Enjoy getting more done. Fastening hardware is included. No assembly is required. Powder-coated steel frame with 1″ thick composite fiberboard work surface supports up to 100 lbs. 2 gas struts provide smooth operation and safely hold the work surface in the folded position.

Professional’s Folding Vice – Save the frustration and always have this extra ‘vice’ pair of hands in your mobile workshop! The new folding vice is the professional’s solution for a rock-solid vice without taking up valuable space in the vehicle’s cargo area. Ergonomic design with twin gas struts, the vice folds down smoothly and is ready to work when needed. This Professional’s Folding Vice is constructed with 3/16″ wall structural formed steel and remains extremely robust and sturdy in folded-out position. The 20″ arm provides great working clearance and when the vice is not being used, it is safely held in the upright position, taking up very little space. The base is dually mounted onto both the floor and wall. Includes high-quality, swivel base Snap-On® Model 904-AS, with 4″ x 4″ jaw opening and 2.25″ throat depth for trusted functionality. The Professional’s Folding Vice is built to last and is a tool you’ll never want to leave behind in the future!

10 lighting and electronic accessories

  • Dome Light (GM)
  • Battery Charge Station
  • Strobe Light for Utility Rack
  • Beacon Light for Utility Rack
  • Work Light Kits
  • Inverter Kits
  • Power Strip Bracket
  • Stripe Lights
  • Plug & Play Back-up Alarm

Electric vehicle offerings

All-new, patent-pending, Zero-Drill Floor plates will allow shelves to be mounted into the vehicle without drilling into the floor. We also modified our installation approach for partitions to avoid drilling into the floor. Adrian Steel has both the knowledge and solutions to help customers get the most out of their electric vehicles.

To learn more about these products, or to plan an upfit including these new cargo solutions, find a distributor nearest you: Find A Distributor.

Profile™ - HD Utility Rack

December 28, 2021

Utilizing your vehicle’s roof to the best of your ability is paramount to efficiency both on and off the job site. When it comes to loading your vehicle up, or accessing your equipment when you need it, the Profile™ HD Utility Rack is an easy way to give you flexibility to get the most out of your roof’s cargo potential.

Available for full size, low-roof and compact vans, the Profile™ HD Utility Rack is easy to install, use, and configure!

  • Low-Profile Design – Engineered to prevent wind resistance, noise, and to look great on any vehicle, the sleek design of our new utility rack is a perfect fit for any van.
  • Industry-Leading Customization – With built-in channels that allow for a variety of accessories and configurations, you can make the Profile™ HD Utility rack do what you need it to, when you need it!
  • No Drill Installation – Installing your new ladder rack is easy, no drill needed!

Learn more about the Profile™ HD Utility Rack, its configurations, and compatible vehicles!

Safety Steps

August 31, 2020

A slip on the job can cost you weeks of productivity and potentially a lifetime of chronic pain. Adrian Steel knows safety is part of productivity, and our Safety Steps can make the difference between an on-the-job injury or a productive day on the jobsite.

Available for both rear and side doors, these safety steps incorporate slip-resistant designs with a grated platform that reduces the risks of moisture or dirt build-up to keep you surefooted when moving in and out of your van.

Easier Access – Adding an extra step makes it easier to climb into or out of your van. No more heaving steps just to get into your vehicle to grab what you need!

Build-Up Resistance – Work can be dirty. Dirt and moisture build-up from the jobsite or bad weather can make moving in or out of your van a hazard. This design helps fight these risks for a safer step every time.

Learn more about our work van Safety Steps, including compatible vehicles

Grab Handles

August 18, 2020

Upgrade your work vehicle with our new Grab Handles to enhance your safety and cut back on common worksite injuries! These simple but effective safety accessories add large comfortable handles at your rear door, offering you some extra help when climbing in or out of the cargo area.

The additional point of contact significantly increases the safety of maneuvering in your cargo area without sacrificing functional space!

Better Balance – Don’t risk injury or damage to unwieldy equipment when loading or unloading. These handles make it a cinch to get into or out of your vehicle safely.

Save Your Energy – Give your legs a break with additional help from your arms. Over the workday, you’ll enjoy reduced leg fatigue, making it easier to keep up to speed with your job duties.

Say Bye to Slips, Trips & Falls – An easy-to-hold grab handle gives you the support you need when wet boots, bad weather or an inevitable slip causes you to lose your footing!

Get the full details about our Grab Handles here.

Folding Shelving

August 4, 2020

Adrian Steel’s new line of flexible Folding Shelving is designed to maximize space and utility in your vehicle! Get the storage you need when you need it, then easily fold away these rugged shelves to reclaim your space when it’s time to haul big cargo.

The new Folding Shelving System combines strong, durable shelves ready to hold the heaviest of cargo, with an easy-to-use gas strut system. The unique design allows you to safely and effortlessly drop or raise your shelves as you need!

Enjoy some highlights of our new folding shelving system:

Fully customizable – If you need a single folding shelf or a van full of them, we have a configuration that works for your vehicle!

Maximum Payload Capacity – These flexible shelves do not sacrifice loading capacity, making them a great option even if you need to transport heavy packages or equipment.

Gas Strut System – Easily adjust the shelves when you need to without needing a breather afterwards. We know you are busy – and these shelves help keep you on the move instead of slowing down your operation.

Lightweight Aluminum – The shelves are made of aluminum to prevent rust while giving you maximum payload capability for larger heavier loads. These lightweight shelving systems are also a great option to manage fuel economy.

Learn more about our Folding Shelving Systems.

Sliding Door Partition

July 31, 2020

Partitions are a necessity in work vans for any tradesperson. However, a hard divide between you and your cargo is not always the most convenient option if you need to go back and forth between your cab and cargo. A sliding door partition is the perfect compromise!

Adrian Steel’s Sliding Door Partitions offer all the same driver protection of our other partition options, but with the added benefit of giving you instant access between your cab and cargo without needing to step a foot outside your van.

Our Sliding Door Partitions:

Reduce Wasted Time – It takes time to move around your vehicle to the cargo area. This can add up over the day, significantly reducing productivity throughout the week! You can reduce the number of trips in and out of your van to access your cargo area by 50% with this partition.

Minimize Fatigue – Extra steps are extra energy. Save your stamina for important tasks by cutting out unnecessary trips around your van.

Maximize Cargo Space – The sliding door partition is operated from the cab area, which means you do not lose an inch of cargo space when comparing against our other lines of vehicle partitions!

Find out more about our Sliding Door Partitions

Drive into the 21st Century with the new Tech Desk

February 2, 2018

Adrian Steel’s Tech Desk is bringing in the future to make working on the road easier! For operators to keep business flowing smoothly, they need a center console in their work van that will do more than hold paper. The new Tech Desk from Adrian Steel supports technology to keep you organized and help you grow your business.

The Tech Desk includes:

  • A non-slip lid tray to keep cell phones from falling onto the cab floor
  • Ignition-triggered USB ports
  • Interior LED light
  • Lockable lid
  • Easy access clipboard holder
  • Non-slip internal organization to protect electronics from banging around during your commute

Learn more about the new Tech Desk.

Introducing the Drop-Down & Grip Lock Ladder Racks

June 13, 2016

The right ladder will make your job easier, help you save time and money, and let you focus on what matters most in your life! Adrian Steel has worked with techs in the field to design the most operator-friendly ladder racks on the market.

Our ladder racks are constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum with twist-to-adjust knobs. They are tough in all conditions and easy to operate, reducing your risk of injury. Whether you are carrying one or multiple ladders, our racks are designed to fit a wide range of sizes, so you always have what you need on the job!

The Drop-Down and Grip Lock ladder racks:

  • Have a unique lower design eliminates over-reaching
  • Take the brunt of the weight to decrease risk of injury
  • Are tested under real-world conditions to last
  • Have twist-to-adjust knobs that allow you to make changes quickly

Learn more about the Drop-Down and Grip Lock ladder racks from Adrian Steel.

Composite Partition now available - For a more comfortable mobile office!

March 11, 2016

Introducing the partition that is all about driver comfort! There is a trend happening with cargo van owners in market. They want a product that offers more value than the traditional steel partition provides. Something that quiets the cab area, provides more leg room and provides better climate control. Drivers that spend 8-12 hours a day working out of their mobile office want a more comfortable experience.

Adrian Steel’s new line of composite partitions offers unparalleled comfort for the driver.

Climate Control – Quickly cool down or heat up the cab area of the cargo van, reduce idle time doing so and save fuel!

Sound Deadening – Reduce the harshness of the cargo noise entering the cab area. This reduces driver distractions and makes for a quieter environment to communicate when driving.

Leg Room – Full seat travel and a comfortable recline angle makes the composite partition our most comfortable line of partitions we sell.

Accessorize – Partitions are great location to hang your cargo. Easily add safety items like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, or hooks to hang your extension cords or hoses. Additional accessory kits are available to customize your Adrian Steel composite partition even more.

Click to learn how you can have a more comfortable mobile office.

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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