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Pickup Truck Tool Boxes

Rear View Visibility.

Our pickup truck tool boxes come with a low profile lid that provides the driver with a less-obstructed view for increased safety and reduced chances for accidents.

Easy Operation.

Heavy-duty gas struts assist in lid operation, and provide years of maintenance-free operation. A linkage guard protects against linkage damage for no bending or jamming. A full adjustable intrusion striker keeps the lid closed tight while not in use.

No-Drill Installation.

Adrian Steel pickup bed tool boxes are designed to mount to your truck bed with the provided no-drill brackets. Also included is a closed cell foam tape with an adhesive back for the underside of the toolbox overhang to protect the truck bed rails from scratches.

Easy, Secure Access.

Equipped with two automotive push button rotary latches you can open the lids conveniently when your hands are full. The push button design has been cycle tested over 25,000 times, ensuring years of trouble free operation and the double-sided keys allow for quicker and easier access.

Weather Secure Seal.

Our pickup tool boxes feature a reinforced “U”-channel edge that adds structural strength to the box and more lid seating surface. The bulb weather seal protects the contents against dirt and water infiltration.

Accessory Tray.

Adrian Steel boxes come standard with a sliding, divided tray for convenient storage that can be accessible from both sides of the truck. Our metal tool boxes for pickup trucks also come with a full length rubber liner for the bottom of the box, to keep your tools from sliding around when the vehicle is in motion.


Our pickup truck tool boxes are designed to be compatible with most late model trucks, however, to ensure proper fit and finish please consult our truck application chart and toolbox dimensions chart below.


Single lid crossbox Double lid crossbox Dimensions
AD100 AD200
70″ 20″ 12.5″ 60.5″ 8.5″
AD101 AD201
70″ 20″ 17.5″ 60.5″ 13.5″
Side Boxes
13″ 9″ 12″ 64″ 7.5″
13″ 9″ 12″ 46″ 7.5″

NOTE: Dimensions given are for interior useable space.

dimension guide for the Adrian Steel double lid cross boxes and side boxes
truck model crossboxes single/double lid sideboxes
Ford Trucks** 100/200 101/201 101-2/201-2 250 151 190 302 303 350
Ranger 6 Ft Bed               ■*
Ranger 7 Ft Bed            
Explorer Sport-Trac                  
F-150 5.5 Ft Styleside Bed             ■*  
F-150 6.5 Ft Styleside Bed            
F-150 6.5 Ft Flareside Bed                
F-150 8 Ft Styleside Bed            
F-250/350 Super-Duty 6.7 Ft Bed              
F-250/350/450 Super-Duty 8 Ft Bed              
Chevrolet/GMC 100/200 101/201 101-2/201-2 250 151 190 302 303 350
Colorado/Canyon 5 Ft Bed           ■* ■*
Colorado/Canyon 6 Ft Bed         ■* ■* ■*
1500 5.5 FT Bed              
1500 6.5 FT Bed         ■*  
1500 8 FT Bed            
2500/3500 HD 6.5 FT Bed            
2500/3500 HD 8 FT Bed            
Dodge Trucks 100/200 101/201 101-2/201-2 250 151 190 302 303 350
Dakota 5 Ft Bed                 ■*
Dakota 6 Ft Bed                 ■*
Ram 1500 5’7″ Bed              
Ram 1500 6’4″ Bed              
Ram 1500 8 Bed            
Ram 2500/3000 HD 6 Ft Bed              
Ram 2500/3000 HD 8 Ft Bed            
Not compatible with Ram Box option.            
Nissan Trucks 100/200 101/201 101-2/201-2 250 151 190 302 303 350
Frontier 5 Ft Bed                 ■*
Frontier 6 Ft Bed                
Titan Crew Cab 5.6 Ft Bed*               ■*  
Titan King Cab 6.6 Ft Bed              
Titan Crew Cab 7 Ft Bed              
Titan King Cab 8 Ft Bed              
Toyota Trucks 100/200 101/201 101-2/201-2 250 151 190 302 303 350
Tacoma 5 Ft Bed                
Tacoma 6 Ft Bed                
Tundra 6.5 Ft Bed            
Tundra 8 Ft Bed            

*Side box not compatible when installed with cross-box for this application.
**Please contact your Adrian Steel distributor for the correct pickup truck storage box application 2015 F-150.

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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