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Built for Professionals, Designed for Hard Work.

Our safest, most ergonomic ladder rack, ever.

Up to 50% easier to operate than comparable drop-down style ladder racks.

Increased Operator Safety

Reduce back and shoulder injuries while loading/unloading ladders by eliminating the need to climb on bumpers and tires to reach the cargo on the roof of your vehicle.

The ProLift™ uses unique, patent-pending, mechanical advantages, and high-performing spring assist struts to raise and lower ladders with an almost effortless pull.

ProLift™ Ladder Rack Options

Standard-Drop ProLift™

The Standard-Drop ProLift™ has a single function that lowers the ladder to a single set height. Uses hook brackets to hold and secure ladders.

Only available for full-size low roof vans and compact vans.

Standard-Drop Step Ladder & Double-Stack options coming soon.

Max-Drop ProLift™

The Max-Drop ProLift™ has a single function that lowers the ladder to a single set height and a secondary function that lowers the rear of the ladder even further to a safer more ergonomic height. Most similar to our previous DDLR drop-down series.

Available for Low, Mid & High Roof Vans

Max-Drop Step Ladder option coming soon.

The Perfect Rack For Your Business

Select a preconfigured rack developed for common industry needs

or take charge and build your own with our configurator tool!

Start Building

Easy Operation

Step 1 - Release Handle

Step 2 - Pull Handle Toward You

Step 3 - Release T-Handle Latch

Step 4 - Slide Down To Ergonomic Reach Height

Step 5 - Place Rear of Ladder on the Ground and Remove from Rack

*Max-Drop option shown

Standard-Drop ProLift™

Max-Drop ProLift™

Ultimate Versatility & Capability

This superior multi-use ladder rack offers secure, safe storage for extension ladders up to 30 ft., 8 ft. step ladders, and A-Frame ladders. Easily operates with up to 100 lbs. per lift.

Mechanically Load Ladders

Using unique mechanical advantage and high-performance spring assist struts to raise ladders with little effort.

Minimalistic Design

A sleek, low-profile design, specifically engineered and tested to prevent wind noise, is a great-looking integration on any vehicle.

No Drill Installation

Using OEM mounting locations on the roof, this rack is easy to install with no drilling required.

Ladder Protection and Security

Four clamp pads provide peace-of-mind that your ladders will remain secure during your commute. You can also add a padlock to protect your ladder from theft.

Ladder Compatibility

Fits extension ladders up to 34’ and step/podium ladders up to 8’. Easily operates with up to 100 lbs per lift.

Corrosion Resistant

All components are aluminum with a plastisol or powder-coat finish to withstand the elements and help prevent rust.

Ladder Compatibility with the Adrian Steel ProLift Ladder Racks

Full Size Vans

  • Extension: 16’ – 30’
  • Step Ladder: 8’ – 12’

Compact Vans

  • Extension: 16’ – 28’
  • Step Ladder: 6’ – 12’

Download the PROFILE Brochure

  • Lockable Attached Handle

    Prevents losing your ladder rack handle and wasting time obtaining a new one. Pad-lock capable to prevent theft.

    *Only available on low roof and compact vehicles

  • Pull Assist Gas Springs

    Dampens the load during operation to prevent damage to the vehicle while also reducing operating force.

  • Rugged Wear Strips

    Protects and helps increase the life of your ladders.

  • Adjustable Clamp Pads

    Get a snug fit on any ladder with just a half inch wrench or ratchet/socket.

  • Ladder Guide / Van Guard

    Helps guide the ladder into the front bracket while also preventing damage to the van from the ladder.

  • Secondary Slide

    The secondary slide lowers the ladder to a lower, more erognomic reach height to prevent back and shoulder injuries during operation.

    *Only available on the Max-Drop option

  • Easy Release T-handle

    Press and release with thumb to activate the secondary slide.

    *Only available on the Max-Drop option

Rugged & Durable Components

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Preconfigured Options

    Standard-Drop Max-Drop
OEM Vehicle Passenger Side ProLift Dual Side ProLift Combo ProLift & Grip-Lock Passenger Side ProLift Dual Side ProLift Combo ProLift & Grip-Lock
Ford Transit Low Roof PLS61TL PLS63TL PLS64TL PLM61TL PLM63TL PLM64TL
Transit Mid Roof PLM61TM PLM63TM
Transit High Roof PLM61TH PLM63TH
Transit Connect 105″ PLSD61TCS PLSD63TCS PLS64TCS
Transit Connect 120″ PLSD61TCL PLSD63TCL PLS64TCL
Chevrolet/GMC Express/Savana PLS61GM PLS63GM PLS64GM PLM61GM PLM63GM PLM64GM
Ram ProMaster Low Roof PLM61PL PLM63PL
ProMaster Low Roof 136″ PLM61PL136 PLM63PL136
ProMaster High Roof PLM61PH PLM63PH
ProMaster High Roof 136″ PLM61PH136 PLM63PH136
Sprinter Sprinter Low Roof PLM61SP PLM63SP
Sprinter Low Roof w/ OEM Rail PLM61SPO PLM63SPO
Sprinter High Roof PLM61SPH PLM63SPH
Sprinter High Roof w/ OEM Rail PLM61SPHO PLM63SPHO
Metris 135″
    “-” not available due to roof height for operator safety.

Build Your Own Rack

STEP 1: Select Crossbars

Crossbars Single 2-Pack
48″ Crossbar
Use the 48” to keep the rack components within the body lines of the vehicle.
58″ Crossbar
Use the 58” to keep the rack components within the body lines of the vehicle.
68″ Crossbar
Use the 68” for drop operation further away from the side of the vehicle.
*must use for the Promaster High Roof

STEP 2: Select a Vehicle Specific Rail Kit

OEM Vehicle Part Number
Ford Transit Low Roof RRKFT
Transit Mid/High Roof RRKFT
Transit Connect 105″ RRKTCS
Transit Connect 120″ RRKTCL
Chevrolet/GMC Express/Savana Rail kit not needed for GM vehicles. Mounting kit attaches to the OEM drip rails
RAM ProMaster Low Roof 118″ RRKPM
ProMaster Low Roof 136″ RRKPM136WB
ProMaster High Roof 136″ RRKPM136WB
ProMaster High Roof 159″ & 159″ Ext. RRKPM
ProMaster City RRKPMC
Nissan NV Low Roof 146″ RRKNVFSV
NV High Roof 146″ RRKNVFSV
Mercedes Sprinter Low/High Roof RRKSP
Sprinter Low/High Roof w/ OEM Rail Rail kit not needed for this Sprinter vehicle option. Mounting kit attaches to the OEM rails.
Metris 126″ RRKMMS
Metris 135″

STEP 3: Select a Mounting Kit

  Mounting Brackets 2-Pack 4-Pack
Ford Transit Low Roof URMBK2W URMBK4W
Transit Mid/High Roof URMBK2W URMBK4W
Transit Connect 105″ CRMBK4W
Transit Connect 126″ CRMBK4W
Chevrolet/GMC Express/Savana GMMBK2W GMMBK4W
RAM ProMaster Low/High Roof URMBK2W URMBK4W
ProMaster City CRMBK4W
Nissan NV Low Roof URMBK2W URMBK4W
Mercedes Sprinter Low/High Roof URMBK2W URMBK4W
Sprinter Low/High Roof w/ OEM Rail SPRMBK2W SPRMBK4W
Metris 126″ CRMBK4W
Metris 135″

STEP 4: Select ProLift™ Kit

Vehicle Height ProLift Type Passenger Side Kit Driver Side Kit
Low Roof Standard-Drop PLSDPSLW PLSDDSLW
Compact Standard-Drop PLSDPSCW PLSDDSCW


Aluminum Conduit Kit

PVC Conduit Kit

Conduit Kits Single Notes:
4″ End Caps for PVC 70-1NGLR  
6″ End Caps for PVC 70-2NGLR  
10’6″ Aluminum Box 80-1NGLR Cannot be used on Compact Vehicles
12’6″ Aluminum Box 80-2NGLR Cannot be used on Compact Vehicles

Step Ladder Kit

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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