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Composite Partitions

Molded fit for a tighter seal

Designed to fit the contours of your specific vehicle, the tighter seal provides you with increased climate control in the cab, more odor and debris control from the cargo area and better sound control to reduce the noise from the cargo area into the cab while you’re driving.

Accessory rail kits

Utilize your partition as valuable storage space for quick and easy access to frequently used items. For safety purposes, mount emergency items like fire extinguishers, reflector kits and First Aid kits right to the partition itself.

Incorporated 3” setback

Get an increased seat recline angle to improve comfort while driving.

Available with or without a window

If your vehicle has side or rear van door windows, we offer an option with an angled polycarbonate window to prevent glares and reduce blind spots.

Low Roof Composite Partition

(with and without window)

Mid Roof Composite Partition

(with and without window)

High Roof Composite Partition

(with and without window)

Compact Van Composite Partition

(with and without window)

Adrian Steel Composite Partitions

Composite partition solutions for nearly every vehicle!

Ford With Visibility Without Visibility
Transit/E-Transit Low Roof 130″ & 148″ PARFTL2 PARFTL2-NW
Transit/E-Transit Mid Roof 130″ & 148″ PARFTM2 PARFTM2-NW
Transit Mid Roof Crew Cab PARFTMC2 PARFTMC2-NW
Transit High Roof 148″ Ext PARFTH2 PARFTH2-NW
Transit High Roof Crew Cab PARFTHC2 PARFTHC2-NW
Transit Connect 105″ & 120″ PARTC2 PARTC2-NW
GM With Visibility Without Visibility
Express/Savana 135″ PARGM PARGM-NW
Express/Savana 155″ PARGM PARGM-NW
RAM With Visibility Without Visibility
ProMaster Low Roof 118″ & 136″ PARPM PARPM-NW
ProMaster High Roof 136″, 159″ &159 Extended PARPM PARPM-NW
NISSAN With Visibility Without Visibility
NV High Roof 146″ PARNH PARNH-NW
MERCEDES With Visibility Without Visibility
Sprinter Low Roof 144″ PARSPL PARSPL-NW
Sprinter High Roof 170″ & 170″ Extended PARSPH PARSPH-NW
Metris 126″, 135″ PARMM PARMM-NW

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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