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Solutions to Reduce Excessive Trips To & From Your Work Van

It’s a situation any contractor is familiar with: you’re wrapping up a task at the jobsite and just need to do one more thing. Unfortunately, it requires a tool you don’t have on hand. Maybe it’s in the truck, maybe it’s back at the warehouse. Either way, it’s another trip to the work van you would’ve preferred to avoid.

Excessive trips to your work van can be a major stress point for any contractor. Especially when it adds a few extra minutes to a task that would’ve only taken seconds! But are these excessive trips affecting your bottom line more than you think?

Learn more about the pitfalls of excessive trips to your van and how Adrian Steel can help give you the tools to cut back on this daily inefficiency.

How Unnecessary Trips Impact Your Time on the Job

Reduced Efficiency on the Job

The number one impact from excessive trips to your work van is a general loss of workplace efficiency. Every time you go to your van, it costs time. In many cases, it’s unavoidable. Larger equipment or staging your work area will obviously require a few initial trips. Beyond that, however, the back-and-forth can begin to seem unnecessary!

Depending on your jobsite, getting back to the van could take just a few seconds but it could take a few minutes, especially if you’re working in a larger building or new construction. No matter how long the walk is, it starts to add up when you’re doing it several times per job. Then that compounds with several jobs per week. Over the course of months or a year, you may realize how significant that loss of efficiency really is.

Wasted Time at the Warehouse

Unnecessary trips to the van happen at your warehouse too. Loading up your work van for the day isn’t an easy task for some people in unique vocations. Specialized tools, parts, and equipment to have the right stuff for the job means a lot of moving throughout your warehouse to load up.

Getting the equipment from your warehouse into the van can be a chore in itself, too. Even with shelving or bin storage solutions, the transfer process is often done by hand. Then when you finally get to the worksite, you have to transfer those items again to where you’re physically going to do the work. That means countless exhausting trips to and from your van before and after you get started on your daily work.

Additional Stress

Life in the trades is hard work – nobody needs to tell you that! While a walk to clear your head can be beneficial from time to time, nobody enjoys the tedium of going back-and-forth just to get the next set of two or three parts. It creates or exacerbates stress, making your workday tougher.

Adrian Steel Upfit Solutions for Excessive Trips to Your Work Van

A van full of storage products is fantastic… when you’re at your van! These upfits make it easy to store parts or tools to be easily retrieved. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take those efficiently stored bins with you when you walk away from your van? You can!

Portable Storage Products

Adrian Steel features a variety of portable storage products, primarily focused on two unique categories: portable bins and portable parts cases:

Portable Bins

Adrian Steel’s portable bins are exactly what they sound like. The same beneficial bins that make up the best van upfits you could’ve asked for, but detachable and portable to make the loading or unload process several magnitudes faster!

Imagine all the stuff you need to load up in your van. You have to grab a few parts from this shelf, then a few from over there, and even more from a third area in your warehouse. Despite them all going to the same bin, you have to get them from all over the place in several trips! Then when you need to unload later, it’s the same process in reverse.

Portable bins let you skip the piece-by-piece process of loading and unloading. Toss everything you need in the bin, and then just set the bin on its storage shelf in your van. Our bins are standardized in 6” and 12” increments to get the most out of your shelving while reducing the risks of sliding while driving due to uneven sizes.

You can even use these bins at the jobsite to transport a large number of pieces like fittings or other hardware right to your work area. You can have everything in place in a fraction of the trips!

Portable Parts Cases

For everything else, we have unique portable part cases. These come with two major benefits that any contractor will see instantly:

1) Locking Lid – Transporting nuts, bolts or other small bits? A single misstep could have those flying all over the place in an open container. Nobody wants to play “52 pickup” on the job site. By closing up your hardware in these lids, you can transport even the tiniest of hardware to its destination without worrying about the headache of dropped or missing pieces.

2) Dividers – The bigger the job, the more likely you are to need a variety of bits and pieces. Several sizes of screws, specialized fittings and even larger hardware can all be separated throughout dividers in these lidded cases. We offer a variety of dividers to make it easy to find the size and number of spaces that you need for your equipment!

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