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Fleet managers and contractors know the value hidden in every inch of their cargo van. A work van full of dead space is a work van that needs help! One of the most common van storage issues is running out of place to put things. The best way to solve it? A better upfit designed around all of the cargo you need to carry!

Read on to learn about common van storage issues and Adrian Steel’s unique solutions to get you working more efficiently than ever.

Common Van Storage Issues

Dead Space

The term dead space indicates any area of your cargo van that isn’t usable. It doesn’t just mean an empty area! If you have something you need to bring along with you but can’t find the place to put it despite having some available room in your van – that’s dead space.

The most common type of items that take a hit from excessive dead space? Small tools and parts! Nuts, bolts, and other small items can’t be easily stored on shelves or the floor. They need a dedicated space that stops them from rolling and tumbling all over your van.

Even larger items can sometimes be challenging to store in the open. Anything that tends to move will put your safety at risk and potentially lead to damage in your vehicle or to other parts you’re transporting.

Not having a place to store something is frustrating, but it’s doubly so when you know you have room in your van for it, just not the right container!

Small Parts Being Lost/Damaged

While you wouldn’t want to, you could store a toolbox or larger equipment in an empty van. It’s not efficient, and exposes you to all kinds of risks, but it’s possible. On the other hand, few would argue that you could store small parts in a van without some type of compartment for them.

Every contractor has a variety of smaller tools or things like nails and bolts that are required to get the job done. And most contractors have equipment or parts that, despite being small, can be unusually expensive!

When you lack the appropriate place to keep these, the risks of loss or damage skyrocket. Every bump on the road or tight turn could scatter hundreds of tiny parts across your van. Cleaning that up would be an entire evening’s worth of work.

Poor Access from Outside the Van

A good upfit makes working in your van a dream. Everything has its place and it’s all organized to be efficient. Of course, you still need to climb in the van to get most of your stuff. For some contractors, that’s not ideal, as frequently getting in and out of your van increases fatigue and the risk of injury.

While there are solutions like half-steps or grab handles that can make getting in and out of your van easier or safer, you may want some type of storage that you can access from outside your van. Fortunately, Adrian Steel has a solution for this and other common van storage issues!

Van Drawers & Cabinet Solutions

The Right Place for Small Parts

Drawers and cabinets are the ideal way to cut back on dead space in your van. Shelves are amazing and a core part of every upfit, but drawers or cabinets can be equally or more efficient for storage depending on what you’re loading up in your van.

Those small parts, tools, or valuable pieces of equipment? Now they can stay safely inside a drawer that shuts and keeps them separated. A stack of drawers can keep thousands of various screws, nuts, and bolts without letting them get mixed up. You’ll be able to keep all the common hardware you use on the job, while also keeping it accessible without a second thought.

By storing them inside drawers, you’ll also reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle or the parts themselves. A properly packed drawer minimizes empty space, so they can’t jostle around too much. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of a reduction in noise too!

Outside Access

Adrian Steel’s floor drawers are the perfect solution for tradespeople who want to reduce the number of times they need to climb in and out of their van. When placed near your rear or side doors, you can pull them out without getting inside, allowing you to access critical hardware quickly.

Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also reduces fatigue. After a long day or long week, this little benefit can make a huge difference in your stress levels and quality of work. We recommend putting commonly used parts in drawers like these to dramatically cut back on time spent inside the van versus completing your assigned job.

Increased Security

Of course, one of the biggest benefits drawers and cabinets have over other types of van storage is security. Adrian Steel’s drawers or cabinets can be locked, letting you add an extra layer of security to your most valuable tools.

It’s a sad fact that theft from work vans is common. Tools are expensive and a van left unattended for just a few seconds can become a target for a crime of opportunity. By utilizing lockable storage, you can keep your newest or more expensive tools safe from thieves and ready to be used on the jobsite.

Let Adrian Steel Help You with Van Drawer & Cabinet Storage Solutions

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