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Dealing with a Disorganized Work Van – How to Clean Up the Clutter

You’ve finally arrived at the job site after spending too much time loading up the van and traveling on the road. You assess the situation and know exactly which tools you need, so it’s back to the van. But… now you can’t find what you’re looking for. It’s the classic disorganized work van – and every contractor has experienced the stress, and loss of valuable time, associated with poor organization.

Fortunately, Adrian Steel and our distributors create solutions to cut back the clutter and turn your work van into the efficient mobile headquarters you’ve always wanted.

Common Symptoms of a Disorganized Van


Lack of Space

The first problem and sure symptom of a disorganized van is one that just never seems to have enough space. Whether you’re loading tools, big equipment, or just some needed parts for a specific job, your van should always accommodate the critical items needed to complete your job!

While every van has its limit, it shouldn’t be until well after you’ve loaded it with the things you need to get the job done. If you’re fighting just to find a place to put the things you need that day, you likely have a van in need of a storage solution tailored to you and what you carry.

Misplaced Tools & Equipment

Do you feel like every time you go to the van, you find your most used tools in a different place? Or worse yet, you struggle to find them at all? A disorganized van can make trips to the back of your vehicle fill you with a sense of dread!

When you lack a proper storage solution, you won’t have a “home” for all of your tools. That means you’ll be more likely to just place them anywhere when you’re done with them, and that hurts your efficiency the most. Every time you spend an extra few minutes looking for the right part, you’re costing yourself money by limiting what you can accomplish in your work day.

As an entrepreneur, you should also be aware of how a disorganized van looks to current or potential customers. One look at the back of a van full of tools and parts all over the place may make someone think twice about hiring your services. And if they notice you’re spending more time looking around in the van than working on the job itself, they might take their business elsewhere next time they need to call a professional.

Wasted Expenses

A disorganized work van isn’t just lost money from the potentially wasted time – it can have a direct effect on your bottom line! Professionals who lack organization in their van spend more on parts and tools than they otherwise need to. This happens for two reasons:

Damaged Goods

The less organized your van is, the more likely it is for parts to come into contact with heavy tools or equipment during the ride. Every time something like a filter or other vulnerable part gets jostled by a tool, it could potentially break or become unusable in transit. Not only will you need to discard it and spend money on its replacement, you may have to waste gas and time to travel somewhere to get the replacement part!

Replacing What You Have

Nobody is safe from the risk of losing a tool. And every professional tradesperson knows that a good tool doesn’t come cheap. When your van isn’t organized, your chances of losing a valuable tool skyrockets! You’ll be more likely to increase your tool budget each year as you shop for replacement tools.

The worst part? You may often come across these tools days or weeks down the road! They were right there in your van – you simply couldn’t find them. That can build stress on top of the financial burden, which will affect your mood, your performance, and your ability to provide top-quality customer service.

Adrian Steel Solutions for Disorganized Vans: Shelving

The best solution is often the simplest, and it doesn’t get better than a shelving solution for work vans. Adrian Steel is renown in the industry for offering a full selection of shelving solutions that fit your van and your needs, with unique shelving options to provide the most benefit for how you want to organize your van.

Van Shelving Benefits

Find Tools Fast

Every minute on the job matters. And every second you spend in the van is time not spent doing what you were paid to do. Any type of shelving in your van takes the open cargo area and sorts it into easy to search sections.

When a tool has a home, you’ll be able to pop into your van and grab it in seconds versus spending time searching through piles of disorganized clutter. And when you’re done, you won’t have to figure out the best place to put it, because it will already have a designated area for storage.

Make More Money

Over days, weeks, and years, you’ll rack up plenty of saved time that you otherwise would’ve spent in your van. For some, that may mean an extra job or two a week. For others, it could give you time to take on more jobs every single day! You won’t be spending more time working, but you’ll be increasing your income anyway.

Improving efficiency is one of the best ways to improve profitability – and work van shelving is a guaranteed way to improve efficiency.

Reduce Stress

A hidden cost of a disorganized van is the stress is builds on your day-to-day life. Nobody likes the feeling of knowing they “just set that thing down” but can’t find it. When you’re trying to just get on with your day, but a lost tool or part has dragged time to a standstill, it’s only natural to feel some stress.

A van organized with the right shelving solutions for what you carry does a lot to avoid this stress and let you get on with your day. In addition to the benefits to your work efficiency, this improves your overall health and home life. It’s hard to overstate the importance of reducing stress in your daily job, so it’s a worthwhile benefit all on its own!

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