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Fix Common Van Cargo Problems with Van Partition Solutions

Working from a van is a necessary part the job for millions of people across the globe. No matter what you need your cargo van’s space for, it’s something you probably can’t live without. Unfortunately, for all their benefits, stock cargo vans can come with all sorts of headaches – literally and figuratively.

Read on to learn about common van cargo area problems and how van partition solution can help!

Van Cargo Area Problems

Shifting Equipment

Life in a cargo van means life on the move. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want everything to be moving. Everything your cargo area is there for a reason – and the last thing you want is to have boxes, tools or other items moving around and up into the cab. Worse yet, larger equipment or containers that are loose could slam into the back of your seat and cause a distraction that affects your ability to safely drive!

Even with the best storage solutions available, you’ll likely have some loose items in your cargo area. This is especially true if you work in parcel delivery where every package needs to be readily available to grab and deliver.

In the best case scenario, this sliding is just an annoyance. In the worst cases, it could cause severe injuries directly from something slamming into the cab, or indirectly as a distraction.

Excessive Noise

Metal vans full of metal tools or rattling boxes are quick to create a cacophony that could drive anyone insane. And if your van makes noise, it doesn’t let up. You’ll be dealing with it for hours a day, every day, until you find a solution.

Noisy cargo areas aren’t a minor problem. While you may not think about it, and you may even be able to tune it out, the noise creates a driving hazard for you. It only takes one incident where you were distracted by the noise, or didn’t hear a car horn because it was too loud in your cargo area to cause an accident that puts you out of commission for weeks or more.

Likewise, we hear all the time about clients who can’t even hold phone conversations on their Bluetooth devices while driving due to the noise. They may end up pulling over to the side of the road several times in a single trip just to communicate as they need to. The inability to hear or speak to clients while on the go can have a dramatic impact on your efficiency – and it may make your business seem disorganized to customers who can’t get a hold of you easily!

Just like you wouldn’t drive with your music on full blast, you don’t want to let a noisy van go unmanaged.

Temperature Troubles

Most professionals who work out of a van are no strangers to odd hours. Early mornings, late nights or long days in the van are a normal part of life. When summer or winter hit, those hours in the van can be miserable until you’re able to get the temperature under control!

Of course, heating or cooling a massive van interior is going to take time. That means you may arrive at your first job site before you start to begin feeling the benefits of your van’s AC or heat. The simple solution to speed up climate control? Reduce the area you’re trying to heat or cool!

This is more about comfort, too. How often do you start your van up for several minutes before you plan to leave, just to make sure it’s at a bearable temperature? Every minute the van runs is wasted fuel! Over many months and years, that’s a significant cost!

The Easy Fix for Van Cargo Area Problems: The Van Partition Solution

A van partition is just what the contractor ordered when it comes to solving almost every headache that involves dealing with cargo area issues while you’re driving. As the name suggests, a partition is a product that separates the cargo area from the cab with a bulkhead.

By dividing the spaces in two, you can:

Prevent Cargo Invasions

A partition puts a hard stop on where any shifting cargo can move. Your boxes, tools, or equipment will stay in the cargo area no matter what. If a sudden stop or even an accident causes them to accelerate towards the cab, the partition acts as a shield to stop you from experiencing any type of impact.

Not only does this remove a potential distraction, it’s a significant safety solution for anyone worried about the dozens of heavy metal tools that could become projectiles if you were to be involved in a high-speed accident.

We’ve received countless messages from drivers who were thankful for their partition to prevent injury – or worse – after an accident. Take a look at this example of how our partition held even after a 1,500 pound pallet of nails slammed into it at high speed!

Every cargo van owner should consider a van partition solution for safety alone. They’re practically a necessity to help keep the cab area protected!

Reduce Noise

Adrian Steel makes all types of partitions, and our composite partitions are excellent at dampening the noise in your cargo area. We speak with professionals all the time who complain about the clanging and banging metal sounds that accompany them on every journey in their van.

By adding a partition that fights against noise pollution in your van, you’ll be able to focus on the road ahead. Even if you think the noise isn’t an issue, you’d be surprised by how quiet your van can be with the right partition upfit!

Hasten Heating & Cooling

It’s much easier to change the temperature in just the cab than it is for the van as a whole. For many vans, a partition will cut down on the volume needed to heat or cool by around two-thirds! That could be the difference between spending 30 minutes in a freezing or sweltering van versus getting to your ideal temperature in just a few minutes.

When a big part of your daily life is spent in the van, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable! We even have options that help speed up cooling down or warming up period for your van to really cut down on wasted fuel.

“But Won’t a Van Partition Reduce Access to My Cargo Area?”

This is easily one of the most common questions we get about partitions – and we understand the concern! No matter your profession, if you’re driving around town with a van full of anything, you’re doing it because you need it. Of course you want to be able to access it easily!

If easy access is key to your business, Adrian Steel has solutions that increase accessibility without impeding on the amount of cargo space in the back of your vehicle. The Sliding Door Partition is a perfect example.

These unique partitions carry all the benefits of an existing partition, but also give you instant access to your cargo area without needing to step outside the vehicle. That means you can get to the tools or packages you need with fewer steps and fewer seconds. In an industry where every minute matters, this adds up to a significant time savings.

Additionally, by reducing the need to step outside your vehicle, a sliding door partition protects you from bad weather days or incidents like slipping from trying to climb into your vehicle’s cargo area over and over throughout the day!

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