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Common Cargo Van Shelving Issues & How Adrian Steel Solves Them

Your cargo van is there to hold cargo – that’s no secret. Whether you’re a Parcel delivery driver, plumber or any in any other trade, you know every inch in the cargo area of your vehicle needs to be used to its full extent. Cargo like packages or equipment that needs to get to a worksite can vary in size and shape. Without shelves that work for what you carry, this can be a major problem! Read on to learn more about common cargo van shelving issues and the solutions Adrian Steel has to make cargo management easy.

The Most Common Cargo Van Shelving Issues

common cargo van shelving issues

Finding Room for Shelving

One of the most common cargo van shelving issues we hear contractors mention is deciding on how much space should be dedicated to shelving at all! It makes sense – because of the importance of maximizing your vehicle’s cargo capacity, there’s an important balance when it comes to traditional shelves.

Planning the right amount and type of shelving can be a huge headache. Too few and you’ll be dangerously stacking equipment where it may shift or get mixed with other items. Too many and you may not be able to fit larger items that aren’t fit for the shelves.

Lack of Flexibility

Cargo van shelving is a critical part of every single professional using these types of vehicles. Of course, when it comes down to it, shelves are just shelves. They serve a fairly straight-forward purpose, and if you don’t need a shelf, then you may be wishing that space were open for something else in your upfit plan.

Over time, the equipment you bring or the cargo you transport will change. What you need space for last year may not apply this year. For many vocations, your cargo van storage space needs can change by the hour! It can often be a pain point for van owners to try to and figure out how to manage something that’s more permanent, like the upfit, with the shifting cargo needs they experience throughout the day.

Limited Aisle Space to Maneuver

If your van has larger van shelving, you may dread having to maneuver around your cargo area. But Access to every nook and cranny of your cargo van should be a given. Of course, you can’t get rid of your big shelving units – you need them for the larger items that end up in your vehicle. But traditional shelving is semi-permanent; you can’t just remove them without some work, and in the end it’s rarely worth it.

Adrian Steel Solves Cargo Van Shelving Problems

Adrian Steel Folding Shelves

As one of our newest product offerings, our folding shelves are a miracle for parcel delivery or anyone who needs a cargo van that adapts to what they need right now:

Versatile – There when you need them, gone when you don’t. These heavy-duty shelves pack away to clear space for anything else when your job doesn’t require them.

Hydraulic – Our folding shelves use hydraulics to make it effortless to pull them down when you need them and close them up when you’re done. Save your stamina for more important work.

Deep Shelving – At 20” deep (And up to 24” deep for box trucks) with a 2” lip, there’s more than enough room for almost anything you’d need to pack away in your van.

The Length You Need – Custom van solutions are our specialty, so the folding shelf line comes in a variety of sizes from 36” to 72” in length

Lightweight & Heavy Duty – Made of aluminum, these shelves won’t add an excessive amount of weight to your vehicle but are still strong enough to safely carry up to 400 pounds of cargo on one shelf.

The new series of folding shelves gives you everything you need from a cargo van shelf without losing the space permanently. When folded away, these shelves only take up a few inches of space along the inside wall of your van, leaving you plenty of room for whatever you need. Oversized parcels? Big equipment? Whatever it is, these new shelves help you reclaim your storage space in seconds.

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