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If you’re a contractor, you likely fall under the 92% of tradespeople who require a ladder for daily work. And since almost every job will require a ladder, you’re left with the head-scratcher of how to get your ladder to the jobsite every day while keeping it easily accessible and safe from damage.

Van ladder storage is a major headache for millions every year! The reality is that, while the bulk of your tools are easily housed within any type of vehicle, even small ladders are often too bulky or unsafe to pack for travel without the right equipment.

What Are the Common Problems with Van Ladder Storage?

Lack of Space

Frankly, the number one problem with storing your ladder in your van is space. Even if your profession only requires a compact ladder that can fit inside the interior length of your vehicle, where exactly can it go? But for most who need to access high vaulted ceilings, rooftops or other high-up locations, even a spacious van interior just won’t cut it for van ladder storage!


There are a lot of ways to transport a ladder, but safety is always on your mind. Whether it’s protecting your person, your equipment, or others who you may encounter on your way to the jobsite, you can’t ignore the importance of safety when it comes to van ladder storage. Ladders are big and heavy, capable of doing a lot of damage. The right solution must be one that protects you, your van, and those around you.


A ladder rack is an obvious solution to dealing with a lack of interior space and safety. But just any ladder rack doesn’t necessarily mean a benefit for your business. The importance of your ladder rack means it needs to be ready to go when you need it. A ladder rack that doesn’t make it easy for you to grab your ladder and get to work is one that’s working against your business!

Adrian Steel Solves Van Ladder Storage Problems

Van ladder storage doesn’t have to be a challenging problem to solve. Adrian Steel’s wide variety of ladder storage solutions means you can find the right place for your ladder on or in your van. Our ladder racks do more than store ladders – they help keep you moving forward on the job, improving efficiency and reducing common headaches that you deal with daily on the jobsite.

Adrian Steel Van Ladder Storage Solutions

Drop Down Ladder Racks

Our unique ladder rack solution for any tradesperson who wants to store their ladder securely, but keep it within reach when its needed. A drop-down ladder rack is designed with a specialized raising and lowering system, allowing you to store it on the roof of your vehicle, but quickly bring the entire rack down into easy reach when you’re ready to use your ladder.

This solves one of the biggest challenges with van ladder storage – actually getting to your ladder rack when you need it! Reaching your ladder on top of your roof can be difficult or even unsafe in certain conditions. The drop-down ladder rack solves one of the most common pain points we hear from tradespeople!

Another major benefit of the drop-down ladder rack is that makes using a ladder rack easy, even if your van is too tall for you to safely reach roof height. We often hear tradespeople running into issues safely securing their ladder racks due to how tall work vans can be. This not only lets you get your rack within reach, the clamp system keeps it securely in place until you need it again!

GripLock Ladder Racks

Adrian Steel’s GripLock Ladder is a clamping ladder rack designed with ease-of-use in mind. This ladder rack provides you with a safe, economical ladder rack that’s usable by most people without needing to lift your feet from the ground. That means fewer slips, trips and other injuries that could take place when trying to reach the full height of your vehicle!

The GripLock ladder rack stores your ladder 4-6 inches lower than other major ladder rack brands out there. This is thanks to the unique tilt-angle design. More importantly, you’ll be able to safely store your ladder without needing to lift the full weight all at once – simply put secure the front of your ladder on its own, then move back and comfortably secure the back end too. Easier, faster, and safer!

Utility Racks

If you’re looking for a rack that’s less specialized and more general-purpose, you can’t beat the versatility of a traditional utility rack. For van ladder storage, these racks are easy to install, simple by design, and an efficient use of roof space. You can easily mount your ladder to them to get it to the jobsite where you’ll be using it most.

Beyond that, utility racks offer a variety of function for transporting cargo beyond ladder racks. This makes them a great option for certain vocations that don’t always need a ladder, but will always need to be moving larger equipment or materials that won’t fit safely inside the cargo area of their van. Just make sure when you mount anything – especially your ladder – that you’re properly using your securing mechanism. Check your bungie cords for damage and always make sure they’re fastened to prevent movement!

Ladder Keeper

Wish you could store your ladder on your van but keep it safe from the elements? Adrian Steel’s Ladder Keeper is the solution you need! Mounted inside your van’s cargo area, this van ladder storage solution keeps your ladder safe, secure and out of the way while letting you store it inside your van.

Ladders suffer a great deal of bumps, bangs and drops throughout the years. Add on the potential risk of intense weathering from rain, snow and exposure to all the elements, and you may be worried about the longevity of your favorite tool. By adding a ladder keeper to your van, you can remove weather from the equation, helping you to focus on other, more important matters for your job. As an added bonus, it dramatically reduces your chances of dealing with a stolen ladder!

Let Adrian Steel Solve Your Van Ladder Storage Problems

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