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Safety 101 for your van roof storage.


You’ve got a lot of equipment to transport. And that equipment ensures you can do your job properly and efficiently. That’s why organization is vital — even on the roof of your vehicle! Adrian Steel offers several ladder roof racks and van roof storage to help you safely transport items to make sure you are well equipped to get the job done.

Securing Roof Loads

Properly securing equipment to your vehicle’s roof is a vital part of your success both from a safety and from an efficiency standpoint. If roof storage is not properly secured, you run the risk of damaging your vehicle, burning unnecessary fuel and potentially putting yourself and others on the road at risk. Here are some tips to ensure you are packing your work vehicle in the safest, most efficient method for you!

Pay Attention to Weight Limits

Every vehicle and roof rack have a weight limit. Be sure you are aware of those limits when loading up your vehicle. Exceeding weight limits can damage your rack and is dangerous to you and the car. Referring to the manufacturer standards is the best method of ensuring accurate information when it comes to weight limits.

When roof cargo isn’t properly secured, it can damage your vehicle or the cargo itself. Anytime weight is added to the roof of your vehicle, it shifts the vehicle’s dynamic and thus its stability.

Avoid too much overhang at the front of your vehicle as wind can be a factor in the stability of your roof load. Adjust your driving speed as well and ensure you allow enough time to stop safely and in a way that doesn’t shift the weight of your cargo.

Check Your Loads at Every Stop

Regularly check your roof load to ensure it hasn’t loosened as you travel from stop to stop. Vehicle movement and frequent stops can shift loads. Push and pull stored equipment and adjust the tie-down straps as necessary. Taking this step at each stop can prevent possible accidents, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and, not to mention, can endanger you and those around you.

Invest in a Quality Roof Rack

There are numerous factors to consider when you are in the market for a roof rack, and one important consideration is cost. There are numerous benefits to investing in a high-quality, durable roof rack. While it’s true it may cost you more upfront, it could save you money in the long run. A better-quality roof rack made with durable, long-lasting material can prevent costly repairs or replacement. Quality racks are also often designed more ergonomically, making it easier and safer to load and unload, and easier to secure equipment.

Ladder Rack Options for Van Roof Storage

Adrian Steel ladder racks are designed with you in mind. Constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant material, our racks work easily with a range of ladders. Whether you’re upfitting a single vehicle or an entire enterprise fleet, Adrian Steel has just what you’re looking for. Read about some of our top ladder rack models below and start considering which model is best for you!


Drop-Down ladder racks are easy to raise and lower. They are designed to bring your ladder to you at a low, comfortable height so you can safely load and unload it with two hands while keeping both feet on the ground. This convenience eliminates the potential for technicians to strain, over-reach or unsafely climb when loading and unloading ladders, thus decreasing the risk of injury and downtime.

Drop-down ladders also have twist-to-adjust knobs to quickly change width without the hassle of additional tools. The drop-down ladder rack is designed keep your ladder secure, eliminate rattling, and lessen noise which can cause driver distractions.

Grip Lock

The Grip Lock ladder rack firmly grips ladder rungs to prevent shifting and slipping during transit. It stores ladders at a lower height than other racks due to its unique tilt angle design. This feature prevents you or your technicians from overreaching, straining or unsafely climbing when loading and unloading ladders.

Those of average height can load and unload their ladder keeping both feet on the ground, which prevents slips, trips and falls that could occur by climbing to access out-of-reach equipment. This in turn decreases potential injury and time off work, which minimizes disruption and keeps your business running smoothly!

Utility Rack

One of the most common options on the market, a wide variety of utility racks are available for your work vehicle that allow you to transport your equipment simply and with confidence. Depending on the type of vehicle and the needs of your business, these racks feature welded tie hooks, durable black or white powder coat finish, wide mount foots, upright caps to protect equipment when loading and unloading, and much more. Utility racks range from single-bar aluminum to flexible two-bar designs that allow you to maximize the use of your vehicle’s roof space.

Perimeter Rack

Designed for full-size vans, perimeter racks are gutter-mounted and do not require drilling to install. These racks feature a heavy-duty, durable frame and come equipped with rope hooks for easy tie-down of cargo. The rear of the perimeter rack slants downward to allow for easier loading and unloading.

Still Unsure If A Ladder Rack Is Right for You?

Here are a few additional benefits to upfitting your work vehicle with the right model.

Increase of cargo space: While this may be the most obvious benefit, it is certainly one of the most valuable! Storing your bulky ladder securely on top of your vehicle frees up prime real estate inside the van.

Simplify your job: Streamline the loading, transporting and unloading of your ladder. A proper ladder rack will reduce the hassle and time spent wrestling with your ladder at a jobsite giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Secure storage: Work ladders are essential pieces of equipment and can also be pricey. Store your ladder with confidence knowing your Adrian Steel rack can safely withstand the weight of your ladder.

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