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Maintenance & Repair Industry Spotlight


Modern homes and businesses both rely on the help of machines and appliances to get things done. From cooking to laundry at home, to manufacturing and production at work, losing access to important machines is more than an inconvenience – it can bring your day to a standstill! Maintenance and repair industry professionals work tirelessly to not only get these machines back in working order day or night, they also perform critical on-going support to prevent critical failures in the first place!

What Type of Work to Expect in the Maintenance & Repair Industry

Work in the maintenance and repair industry is classified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as following under three major specifications: residential service, commercial maintenance, and automotive maintenance.

Residential Service

Those who work primarily in residential services are known by many thankful homeowners as “handymen.” Unlike other industries, handymen are generalists with a wide variety of skills from maintaining appliances to basic home construction and upkeep work. Everything from basic pipework, laying new flooring, tiling a kitchen and fixing a deck can fall under the purview of a residential maintenance and repair industry professional.

Residential maintenance and repair is an important part of keeping homes running. Often, handymen are relied on for non-emergency tasks that are beyond a homeowner’s DIY skills. Much of the maintenance effort in residential homes can help avoid long-term issues, like collapsing decks, leaks in the home or failing carpentry.

Commercial Maintenance

Maintenance or repair industry professionals are also critical when it comes to keeping our businesses open and productive. Whether it’s a technology-centered office or a full-scale manufacturing facility, businesses lean heavily on the efficiency provided by machinery and electronics to match demand for their services or products.

Repair industry professionals provide both emergency fixes for critical workplace machinery as well as on-going maintenance. Businesses that invest in long-term maintenance of their machinery will often build relationships with their commercial maintenance experts. In turn, these experts help keep complicated machines run at peak efficiency, while minimizing the chances of errors. It’s more than just about productivity – well-maintained machines are safer to operate too!

Automotive Maintenance

Lastly, the BLS also includes automotive maintenance experts in the maintenance and repair industry. Just as important as the machines we use at home or at work are the complicated machines we use to travel between them!

Vehicles are functionally heavy machinery, making it easy to understand why professionals in these industries are connected. Of course, the types of automotive maintenance out there vary dramatically. While you may think of an automotive technician at your local repair shop, there’s also body shop workers, interior maintenance and glass replacement operations that fit under this category.


Adrian Steel Upfits for Maintenance & Repair Industry Professionals

While the work in these industries can vary dramatically, the upfits they need are often similar:

Storage Shelving

No matter what type of work you do in the repair and maintenance industry, you’ll have a variety of tools for your work. Some tools will be needed for almost every job – while others will only be used in special circumstances. But having access to these tools at all times is a critical part of staying on the job instead of traveling all around town to get what you need. We offer a variety of shelving units so you get the perfect fit for what you carry.

Ladder Racks

The work in this industry won’t always keep your feet on the ground. Mounted machinery and residential work that takes you to the roof or around the upper perimeter of a home means you need a ladder. Adrian Steel’s ladder racks are trusted in the industry for their reliability and for ease-of-use.

Bins for Parts

As you experience the jobs required in the maintenance industry, you’ll be introduced to devices and machines large and small with unique parts that require exact replacements. It’s hard to overstate just how many types of screws, nuts and other parts you’ll need to get the job done. Adrian Steel bins can be used to store just about anything, letting you carry a hardware store’s amount of replacement parts to every job.

Composite Partition

When you’re driving with a full suite of residential, commercial or automotive repair tools and parts in your van, it can get noisy. A partition keeps you separated from that noise while you’re driving while also increasing safety in case of an accident. That means more enjoyable time on the road and fewer distractions, letting you drive safely.

Maintenance & Repair Industry Statistics

  • Employment in this industry is expected to grow 6 percent through 2028, which is on pace with the average industry growth for similar occupations
  • The projected employment in 2028 will be around 1,573,400 workers across the United States
  • The average homeowner spends approximately 1 to 4 percent of their home’s value in maintenance each year
  • On average, businesses estimate around 15 to 40 percent of their total production costs to be related to maintenance and repair
  • Exceptional attention to preventive maintenance can reduce commercial repair costs by up to nearly 20 percent versus waiting until repairs are needed
  • For automotive maintenance, the average length of ownership for a vehicle has increased by 60 percent in the last ten years, lending to an increase in preventive and reactive maintenance for vehicles

Maintenance & Repair Industry Trends

With the wide range that the maintenance and repair industry covers, there’s a lot going on to keep an eye on:

A Continued Focus on Remodeling

For residential maintenance and repair professionals, the available work in home remodeling has no signs of slowing down. Investors looking to flip properties and homeowners looking to improve their own living space are continuing to plan and complete projects inside and around the home. Most of these projects require the insight and experience offered by handymen in the maintenance and repair industry to complete safely and efficiently.

Commercial Preventive Maintenance

Technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to track expenditures and maximize their savings. Production and service industries alike are finding value in on-going preventive maintenance versus reactive maintenance.

Commercial repair professionals are likely to see an increase in regular business due for tune-ups and checks on functioning machinery – this includes both commercial repair experts and automotive experts!

Automotive Repair for Longer Ownership

Both in commercial and personal vehicle ownership, drivers are looking to keep their vehicles for longer than they have in the past. Like business maintenance, fleet managers and family vehicle owners are finding increased value in spending on preventive maintenance over waiting until a mechanical failure occurs.

Vehicle owners are leaning into services that previously may have been skipped, from things like changing air filters to including fuel additives in their vehicles.

About Adrian Steel & The Maintenance and Repair Industry

Adrian Steel manufactures contractor-grade products and storage solutions including shelving, workbenches, cabinets, partitions, ladder racks, aluminum toolboxes, and accessories. Our work with the maintenance and repair industry is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing common headaches in your workday for all types of maintenance and repair work.

As the maintenance and repair industry evolves, Adrian Steel is always evolving with you.  Adrian Steel can help keep you moving forward with the right upfit solution with every shift of the industry.

Our network of highly qualified distributors can help you create the ideal upfit for your vehicle.

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