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Modern plumbing reshaped much of society. From how we get our water to how homes are built, plumbing systems have opened the doors for new convenience and cleaner living. These systems only exist thanks to the tireless work of plumbers and pipefitters across the world – and the plumbing industry is one that has to work around the clock to keep the water flowing!

Read on to learn more about the plumbing industry, what it’s like to work as a plumber and how Adrian Steel can make life easier for new and veteran plumbers alike.

What Type of Work to Expect in the Plumbing Industry

Installing & Maintaining Plumbing Systems

Like many other types of specialized industries, plumbing experts are critical when it comes to new construction and maintaining existing buildings – both residential and commercial. Few buildings today exist without some type of plumbing – and all that pipework requires the expertise of skilled industry workers to keep it flowing safely!

Plumbers are important at all stages of construction. During the planning stages, plumbing experts will need to review building plans and propose the best ways to install necessary pipes and plumbing systems. During construction, they’ll be the ones cutting, placing and finishing pipes. After completion, they’re relied on to test and ensure everything works correctly without risks of leaks or bursts.

Plumbing Inspection & Repair

While new construction is a major part of the plumbing industry, most homeowners and business owners know plumbers as the lifeline they rely on when something goes wrong with the water. From leaks to clogs and everything in between, plumbers keep aging pipework flowing!

Those in the plumbing industry are relied on to inspect and test a variety of appliances and fixtures, from sinks to toilets to dishwashers and beyond. All of these must comply with standards and regulations from pressure to water quality and more. Their experience working with these systems not only helps us in our businesses or homes, but also ties into the larger water infrastructure that weaves throughout cities and towns.

When many think of plumbers, they also think of those who make house calls or repairs for commercial businesses. Kitchen remodels, leaky faucets, installing new showers or toilets and everything else that involves flowing water requires the expertise of a plumbing industry veteran to avoid major damage.

Adrian Steel Upfits for the Plumbing Industry

Plumbers work in all kinds of conditions. That means they need a van ready for anything. Upfits for professionals in the plumbing industry need space for storage and Adrian Steel can help. Our shelves, bins and dividers are key to organizing all the pipes and fittings that you’ll need for everyday jobs. For plumbing professionals, we often recommend the ADseries of shelving. These adjustable shelves make it easy to store the important parts like your PVC pipes and fittings. The additional Heavy Duty Series of bins is a perfect addition to handle the brass, copper and black pipes or fittings too! Reduce the time you spend hunting for the right part and stay focused on the job at hand!

No industry professional is ready without all their tools. Adding drawers and compartments adds more storage for anything you need.

Additionally, a partition is a critical part of any van upfit. Driving from job to job is easier when you have a barrier between your cab and cargo area. Partitions increase safety and keep all your cargo where it should be, out of the cab area.

For plumbers who know what they need, Adrian Steel products are ideal for your custom upfit. Our network of experienced distributors can help you plan and complete the perfect upfit. They take the time to understand your business needs, challenges and opportunities. Working with experts who understand the tools and consumables you carry makes it simple to design the right upfit for your business.

Plumbing Industry Statistics

Plumbing and pipefitting are major industries. Like many other vocations, there’s a lot of activity happening that is changing the landscape of plumbing. Here are some of the most notable statistics:

  • Job outlook for the plumbing industry is at 14% growth, much faster than average
  • The BLS estimates over 500,000 plumbers working in 2018
  • The average home can use over 200,000 gallons of water a year
  • The plumbing industry accounts for over $113 billion in market size in the US
  • No single plumbing business accounts for more than 1% of the industry revenue – showing that the industry is ripe with competition and plenty of room for newcomers

Plumbing Industry Trends

Environmentally Friendly Plumbing

The plumbing industry, like many others, are investing heavily on the increased focus in green technology and environmentally friendly options. For plumbers, these primarily focus on home fixtures that reduce wasted water. Dishwashers, toilets and washing machines are all common household additions that can waste hundreds of gallons of water per year.

By investing in greener solutions, plumbers can help slow the rate of wasted water. In addition to keeping our water supply safer, it also reduces stress on sewer systems and water treatment plants, improving the efficiency of our society as a whole!

Residential Tankless Water Heaters

While not a new technology, tankless water heaters are rising in popularity specifically for residential construction. Previously, these were primarily used in commercial construction as they can reduce general power consumption and ensure hot water is always available for business needs.

Residential tankless water heaters work just the same for homes! Homeowners can avoid the risk of running out of hot water during their morning routine or otherwise, and these devices are much more compact versus standard water heaters; this can mean additional space in a utility room and easier access when maintenance is required.

For plumbers, tankless water heaters recommend frequent maintenance and inspection to keep them working at peak efficiency.

Smart Plumbing Systems

One of the biggest challenges of plumbing repair is identifying the source of a leak. Pipes are often intentionally built to stay out of plain sight, making it hard to find a leak! Fortunately, the boom in “smart technology” hasn’t passed by the plumbing industry, and pipes designed to help monitor water pressure and indicate where leaks are occurring can simplify this critical step in repair.

Smart plumbing systems mean you can focus on fixing the problem sooner, potentially reducing damages and getting you back on the road to your next job sooner!

Industry Association for Plumbers: Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association

PHCC is the premier organization for professionals working in the plumbing, heating or cooling industries. Their work spans all aspects of these vocations, from residential to commercial and new construction to repair or maintenance.

PHCC takes steps to advance workers in their related industries by:

  • Providing educational opportunities
  • Sharing access to a variety of resources and services
  • Being legislative advocates for the industries
  • Offering training to thousands of plumbing and HVACR businesses

PHCC has existed for over a century – founded in 1883. Any plumber looking to improve their craft, productivity and knowledge will find PHCC to be an invaluable resource throughout their career.

About Adrian Steel & The Plumbing Industry

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Adrian Steel manufactures contractor-grade products and storage solutions including shelving, cabinets, partitions, ladder racks, aluminum toolboxes, and accessories. Our work with the plumbing industry is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing common headaches in your workday for all types of plumbing work.

As the plumbing industry evolves, Adrian Steel is always evolving with you. Adrian Steel can help keep you moving forward with the right upfit solution with every shift of the industry.

Our network of highly qualified distributors can help you create the ideal upfit for your vehicle.

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