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Work Van Security Starts with The Simple Task of Locking Your Doors

As important as it is to ensure your work vehicle is fitted to meet your professional needs, it is equally as important to keep your vehicle and its contents safe and secure. Loss or damage to your vehicle can be costly, whether by loss of valuable tools or by loss of business due to missed appointments.

Implementing simple, practical security measures and habits can save you a world of headache in the event of a break-in. Check out these helpful tips to increase the security of your vehicle and minimize risk of possible theft.

#1 Always Lock Your Doors

It may seem simple but remembering to lock your doors every time you step away from your vehicle is the first and perhaps simplest security measure. To ensure you do this every time, consider investing in slam locks. Slam locks automatically lock vehicle doors when they are shut without requiring any action from the driver.

These devices can be helpful in easily securing high-value equipment and tools by ensuring your vehicle is locked even when you’ve got your hands full carrying equipment or rushing from job to job.

#2 Lock Internal Storage

If you do not invest in slam locks — or even if you do — an added measure of security is to lock drawers, cabinets and other storage devices within your vehicle. If you accidentally leave external doors unlocked, safeguard your tools from a potential break-in by protecting them behind a second set of locked doors.

Wire window screens are another method of keeping thieves from rifling through your belongings — even if they break a window. Wire screens can be a wise added measure of security.

#3 Don’t Make Your Vehicle a Target

Bright colors or intricate, flashy logos can draw the attention of thieves. Reduce the chances of your van being a target of theft by toning down the advertisement displayed on your work vehicle.

#4 Keep Your Keys on You at All Times

Never leave the keys in your vehicle, even if you’re stepping away for only a moment or even if the car is locked. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), nearly seven percent of vehicles stolen in 2014 had their keys in them. Modern anti-theft technology is helpful in deterring theft however, it can be rendered useless when the keys are left readily available for thieves.

Additionally, keep doors locked while you’re operating your vehicle to minimize the chance of thieves entering the car while it’s stopped at a stoplight or stuck in traffic.

Be mindful that theft increases during the winter months, so as chilly as it can get, try to refrain from leaving your vehicle running for long periods for time to warm it up.

Paying Attention to Your Surroundings is One Part of Work Van Security

#5 Park Mindfully

Pay attention to where you park your vehicle, especially overnight. Dark, unsecured parking lots can be a thief’s playground. Parking your vehicle in visible, well-lit areas helps discourage possible break-ins. Keep this in mind throughout the day as well as employees stop for lunch or to take a break. Park where danger is least likely to occur and where thieves will be least likely to think they can get away with breaking into your car.


If you or your employees park work vehicles in a company parking lot overnight, be sure the lot is well-lit. Secure fencing and security surveillance systems are other methods helpful in protecting your vehicle.

Invest in Work Van Security

New locks, prevention & recovery technology, or other systems are just some of the ways that you can invest in your work vehicle to keep your property safe.


Deadlocks are reliable locking systems used in addition to an existing locking mechanism. Similar to a deadbolt commonly found on the front door of homes, this lock is activated by manually inserting and turning a key to lock and unlock the device. This type of lock is difficult to break in to and can provide additional security in vulnerable locations.


Slamlocks integrate with the existing locking system on your vehicle and, when installed, allow doors to lock automatically upon closing. This security feature is beneficial for employees who may have their hands full carrying equipment and are unable to promptly lock doors manually. They’re also helpful if you’re simply busy tending to job or interacting with a customer and accidentally forget to lock the doors. The doors are unlocked with a key and also can be bypassed from inside the vehicle, so you do not run the risk of getting locked in.

Remote Locks

A remote locking system is convenient and helpful for ensuring your work vehicle is locked if you are unable to reach it immediately or to ensure your vehicle is locked from inside a building. When transporting tools back and forth for various jobs, remote locks can be a helpful method of keeping equipment safe and providing peace of mind when your mind may be focused elsewhere.

Pad Locks

Padlocks are excellent methods of securing internal storage bins and containers that have been installed in your work vehicle. Padlocks can withstand forcible attacks and provide added security to items in your vehicle while making it difficult for potential thieves to walk away with an armload of expensive tools.

Use Technology as Part of Your Work Van Security Plan

Tracker Technology

Keeping in touch with employees through a GPS tracking system can provide several benefits to a business. One of the most obvious benefits is if a vehicle is stolen, a tracking system can help locate the car promptly saving time and money that could otherwise be spent searching for the vehicle and replacing costly tools and equipment.

Additionally, it can be a safety tool for drivers in the event of an emergency or other security issue. Some systems can even track maintenance problems, which can help prevent costly repairs down the road or unsafe driving conditions for vehicle operators.

Alarms can be an effective part of your work van security


Alarm systems can be an effective deterrent for possible vehicle break-ins. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, the sounding of an alarm increases the chances the thief will flee rather than rummage through the vehicle. The less time the thief has with your vehicle, the less likely they are to run off with your equipment. Some insurance providers will even give discounts to vehicles outfitting with an alarm system (check with your provider).

Remote Car Starter

Installing a remote start system can help prevent theft as many newer models include alarms and notifications that can deter thieves. Additionally, it can decrease the need to leave your vehicle running unoccupied for a prolonged period of time during the winter months.

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