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From Compact Van to Pickup Truck – Adrian Steel Makes the Transition Easy

The automotive landscape is evolving with the announcement that 50,000 to 60,000 compact vans will be fully off the road post-2023. The ripple effect of this change indicates a significant shift among compact van users—around 40% are expected to transition to pickup trucks as the work vehicle landscape changes.

This change is propelled not just by the discontinuation, but also by the growing appreciation for the versatility and capabilities that pickup trucks offer, especially in various work settings. But what about getting the best upfit options with this massive shift in vehicle type? Don’t worry – Adrian Steel’s newest line of truck products is here to help!

The Sunset of Compact Vans

The compact van market has been a viable choice for many professionals and tradespeople over the years, offering a balanced blend of space, efficiency, and maneuverability. However, a significant change is looming on the horizon as several automakers have announced the discontinuation of their compact van models in the near future. Some of these discontinuations have already happened!

Discontinuations Behind and on the Horizon

Several compact van models have already said their farewells recently, vacating the compact van space:

  • Nissan NV200
  • Chevrolet City Express
  • Ram ProMaster City

These discontinuations have left a void in the compact van market, nudging both individual consumers and fleet operators to explore alternative vehicular options.

Several other notable compact vans are meeting their end of production in the United States as we move through 2023, signaling a pivot in the automotive landscape. Here’s a glimpse of the compact vans that are being phased out:

  • Ford Transit Connect – Ford has decided to cease the sales of the Transit Connect in the U.S. by the close of 2023, redirecting its focus towards the larger and more versatile full-size Transit model.
  • Mercedes-Benz Metris – The curtain will fall on the U.S. sales of the Mercedes-Benz Metris minivan post the 2023 model year, marking an end to its stint in the compact van segment.

Bridging the Gap with Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel, your trusted name in the vehicle upfit arena, wants to simplify this transitional phase and extend our expertise in facilitating a smooth switch from compact vans to pickup trucks. Our new product line addresses the impending needs of professionals who have depended on compact vans for their daily operations and are looking at their next vehicle.

Tailored Industry Packages

At the heart of this transition are the industry-specific packages crafted by Adrian Steel. Recognizing the core industries that frequently utilize compact vans, Adrian Steel has curated five distinctive packages. These packages are designed with common industry-specific tools and consumables in mind to meet the operational needs of each industry while embracing the structural attributes of pickup trucks. For a tailored solution designed for what you carry and how you work, our 250+ distributors across North America are ready to help you build your customized upfit.

Vocational Focus

  • HVAC – This package is optimized for HVAC professionals, ensuring that large equipment, gauges, and tools are well-accommodated to ensure peak performance during service calls.
  • Plumbing – Tailored storage compartments in this package make transporting pipes, fixtures, and essential plumbing tools a breeze.
  • Electrical – Electrical professionals will find specialized compartments for tools, wires, and components indispensable in streamlining their jobs.
  • Security – This package facilitates swift installations by providing dedicated spaces for surveillance equipment, wiring, and tools.
  • Generic Base Upfit – A versatile package designed for tradespeople across various vocations ensuring easy access to tools and materials regardless of the job at hand.

Compatibility with Truck Sizes

Adrian Steel has taken a step further to ensure that these upfits are compatible with different truck bed lengths, including:

  • Maverick – 4’6”
  • Short beds – 4’10” – 5’6”
  • Standard beds – 5’7” – 6’10”
  • Long beds – 8’+

These compatibilities ensure that regardless of the truck bed size, professionals will find a package that aligns with their needs.

Seamless Integration with Toppers

One noteworthy feature of our new truck packages is their functionality with trucks fitted with a topper. This synergy allows for optimal space utilization and safeguards tools and equipment from external elements. The result is a smart design that echoes the reliable and functional upfit options on which we pride ourselves.

Boost Your Truck’s Capabilities – Adrian Steel Upfit Solutions

Truck Ladder Racks

Maximize utility with our durable ladder racks, designed to accommodate various ladder sizes for heavy-duty use. Experience the Adrian Steel way of managing your ladders effectively for each task.

Tool Boxes

Our tool boxes ensure the safety and protection of your tools against weather elements, crafted from corrosion-resistant diamond plate aluminum.

Truck Bed Storage Solutions

Keep tools and gear organized and easily accessible. Our storage solutions are tailored for tradesmen, aiming to enhance work efficiency.

Truck Shelving

Organize cargo space efficiently with our durable shelving solutions, providing best-in-class storage for tools and equipment.

Truck Accessories

Upgrade your truck with our essential accessories collection, designed to enhance storage solutions and safety, boosting your truck’s versatility and efficiency.

Let Adrian Steel Help You with Your New Truck

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