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Best Truck Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are essential for some businesses as they help to improve work efficiency and save valuable space inside the truck. However, finding the right solution for your needs can be challenging and quite time-consuming.

At Adrian Steel we build industry-leading truck storage solutions designed specifically around the needs of trade professionals and not around their vehicles.

Keep reading to explore four of the best truck ladder racks in the market today as well as some information on how to choose the right solution for your specific needs.

The Best Truck Ladder Racks

Each of our truck ladder racks offers different advantages and convenient features.

The HD Utility Rack

The Adrian Steel HD Utility Rack is a simple yet durable ladder rack made of corrosion-resistant materials and packed with basic features that every operator will find convenient. It is recommended for drivers who transport a variety of materials such as lumber/sheet goods, scaffolding, doors/panels, or conduit.


The HD Utility Rack features a low-profile design capable of reducing wind noise, ensuring a smoother and quieter driving experience.


The HD Utility Rack allows operators to firmly secure their equipment. As a nice addition, it features an extra-thick wear strip that protects ladders and keeps debris out of the channels. Despite its simple design, this ladder rack has an exceptional loading capacity, as each aluminum crossbar can support up to 150 lbs.


The crossbars of the HD Utility Rack come with built-in channels that facilitate customization, enabling the addition of ladder stops, conduit kits, and other accessories, making it a very adaptable solution and one of the best truck ladder racks.


In summary, the HD Utility Rack is ideal for those looking for a ladder rack with a simple, lightweight design that also offers ample room for customization.

The Grip-Lock Ladder Rack

The Adrian Steel Grip-Lock truck ladder rack offers a hassle-free solution for securing your ladders with speed and efficiency.

The system is designed with a simple three-step operation, which makes loading and unloading ladders much easier:

  1. Release the operation handle
  2. Lift the ladder over the side rail
  3. Easily remove the ladder from the rack


Featuring adjustable clamp brackets, the Grip-Lock is versatile and capable of securing a wide range of ladders. Additionally, it comes with coated aluminum clamp pads that help reduce rattling during transportation, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

Like the HD Utility Rack, the Grip-Lock’s low-profile design has been engineered and tested to minimize wind noise during transportation, and it is made using corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring the durability and longevity of the ladder rack, even in challenging weather conditions.

One convenient addition is that the handle used for operating the ladder rack is also lockable, providing an added layer of protection against theft.

The Grip-Lock is the best truck ladder rack for technicians who moderately use their ladders, approximately once every other day.

The ProLift™ Ladder Rack

One of our most popular innovations in truck ladder racks is the ProLift™ ladder rack which marks a significant leap forward in terms of safety and ergonomic design. Offering a smoother operation that’s up to 50% easier than conventional drop-down style racks, the ProLift™ is a game-changer for professionals across industries.

Its design focuses on minimizing the risk of common injuries associated with the loading and unloading of ladders, promoting a safer work environment.

The ProLift™ is available in two models to cater to diverse needs and preferences. The Standard-Drop model is straightforward, efficiently lowering ladders to a predetermined height with ease.

Meanwhile, the Max-Drop variant introduces an additional functionality, allowing the rear of the ladder to be lowered further. This extra step brings ladders down to a more accessible and ergonomically-friendly position, easing the strain on operators during frequent use.

Both versions of the ProLift™ feature hook brackets designed to secure ladders firmly in place during transport, ensuring they remain stable and protected. This focus on safety is complemented by the ProLift’s ergonomic benefits, significantly reducing the physical effort required from the operator.

The result is a ladder rack that not only enhances productivity but also prioritizes the well-being of its users, making the ProLift™ a standout choice for professionals prioritizing efficiency and safety.

The Load Runner Rack

The Load Runner Rack is considered the best truck ladder rack by many professionals who require maximum loading capacity and flexibility.

The major reason for the increased loading capacity is that this rack is crafted with resistant round tubing, meeting the demands of professionals in a wide variety of industries.

You can remove the middle and rear crossbars of the Load Runner Rack for carrying taller items directly in the truck bed. This level of flexibility is one of the reasons why the Load Runner Rack is one of the best truck ladder racks in the market.

The rack is equipped with four welded tie down cleats and full-length top rails featuring perforated supports for securing your ladder racks before transport.

Additionally, the Load Runner Rack is compatible with a range of accessories, including beacon mounting brackets, conduit kits, and more. This allows operators to customize the rack according to their specific requirements, making it a very adaptable solution.

This is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a durable ladder rack that offers increased loading capacity and can transport other types of cargo such as pallets and taller materials.

How to Choose the Best Truck Ladder Rack?

With such a variety of truck ladder racks, it can be quite difficult to pick the right solution. These are some factors to evaluate before committing to a purchase.


Ladder racks come in various sizes and designs, and not all are universally compatible with every truck. That’s why it is imperative to make sure that the ladder rack you choose is compatible with your truck before ordering so that you don’t waste time and money.

At Adrian Steel, we offer extensive documentation for each of our products, additionally, you can contact us and we will offer you direct assistance.

Cargo Needs

It is essential to assess your cargo needs before investing in a truck ladder rack to ensure optimal functionality and safety as the type and weight of the items you plan to transport significantly influence the choice of ladder rack.

For example, our HD Utility Rack has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs when equipped with 2 crossbars. If you exceed that weight capacity, you may create safety risks for yourself and other drivers on the road.

Vehicle Type

This may seem obvious but evaluating your vehicle type is also important when purchasing a ladder rack.

To be clear, the same ladder racks compatible with vans will not be compatible with trucks. Therefore, in addition to verifying that the size of the ladder rack is compatible with your truck, you should also verify that the ladder rack itself is designed specifically for trucks.

Professional Ladder Rack Options from Adrian Steel

Choosing the right ladder rack is a difficult decision, however, it doesn’t have to be an impossible one. At Adrian Steel, we not only design high-quality solutions but also solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Contact your local Adrian Steel distributor and we will help you find the best ladder rack for trucks that meets the specific requirements of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Ladder Racks

Below you will find some additional information about ladder racks for trucks.

1. What Are Ladder Racks for Trucks and What Are They Used For?

Truck ladder racks enhance the utility and functionality of trucks, particularly for those involved in trades or professions that require the frequent transport of ladders and other oversized cargo. These solutions are typically installed on the bed of trucks or truck caps and provide a secure and efficient way to transport items like ladders, lumber, and pipes.

2. Is a Ladder Rack Worth It?

Investing in a truck ladder rack can be worthwhile for those frequently transporting ladders or long items. It ensures secure transportation of equipment, prevents damage to the truck bed, and allows for more efficient use of space. Consider the frequency of such needs and the overall convenience they bring to determine their value for your specific requirements.

3. Are Ladder Racks Only for Work Trucks?

No. At Adrian Steel we offer ladder racks for both work trucks and work vans such as the Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter, and more.

4. Do Ladder Racks Decrease Gas Mileage?

Yes, ladder racks can decrease gas mileage by reducing the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

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