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Profile™ - HD Utility Rack

Minimalistic Design.

Sleek, low-profile for great looking integration on any vehicle and was specifically designed and tested to prevent wind noise.

Safe, Secure Loading.

Multiple integrated tie-down points come standard for quick and safe transportation.

Industry-Leading Customization.

Profile™ Crossbars have built-in channels for adding Ladder Stops, Rear Roller Assist, Built-In Ratchets, Conduit Kits and additional accessories.

Rugged Wear Strip.

Why let loading and unloading take a toll on your gear and rack systems? Our new, extra-thick Wear Strip comes standard to protect equipment and T-slot crossbars, while keeping debris out of the channels.

750lb. Load Capacity.

3″ x 1.5″ Heavy Duty, reinforced extruded aluminum crossbars are tested to support up to 250 lbs. per crossbar for maximum roof loading capacity. (Always follow OEM roof rating weight standards for safest loading capacity)

Mounting Kits
Part Number Description Color Vehicle Platform
MSPUMBKB Mounting Leg Kit, 4-pack Black Mid Size Trucks
FSPUMBKB Mounting Leg Kit, 4-pack Black Full Size Trucks
SDPUMBKB Mounting Leg Kit, 4-pack Black Super Duty Trucks
TOPMBK4B Mounting Leg Kit, 4-pack Black All Toppers
Cross Bars
Part Number Description Color
2BARB 68" Crossbar Kit Black
2BARCB 58" Crossbar Kit Black
Upright kits
Part Number Description Color
4UPK2B 4" Uprights, 2-pack Black
4UPK4B 4" Uprights, 4-pack Black
6UPK2B 6" Uprights, 2-pack Black
6UPK4B 6" Uprights, 4-pack Black
9UPK2B 9" Uprights, 2-pack Black
9UPK4B 9" Uprights, 4-pack Black
RSK1B 9" Ratchet Uprights, Single Black
ULSKB Ladder Stop Black
Conduit kits
Part Number Description
70-1NGLR 4" End Caps for PVC
70-2NGLR 6" End Caps for PVC
80-1NGLR 10'6" Aluminum Box
80-2NGLR 12'6" Aluminum Box

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we've got you covered!

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