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The Benefits of Geofencing for Your Business

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Managing your fleet has become easier in recent years with the advent of many technological advances. There are several cell phones and tablet applications available now that make fleet management a smoother process, and one of the most helpful are apps that give you the ability to geofence your fleet. Not familiar with geofencing and how it works? We’ve gathered all the information you need on this beneficial technology.


What is Geofencing?


Geofencing is a type of virtual barrier feature found in many fleet management applications. Geofencing uses GPS or RFID to define your fleet’s geographical boundaries and allows you to determine exactly which boundaries you want your fleet drivers to have when they’re out in the field.  Geofencing also helps you keep track of traffic restrictions and protects your fleet from theft.


Geofencing applications enables you to set up alerts that’ll inform you when one of your drivers has entered or exited those pre-set boundaries. Many of these apps also incorporate Google Earth, which allows you to define your boundaries on top of a satellite view of a specific geographical location while others define boundaries through user created and web-based maps.


5 Benefits to Using Geofencing for Your Business


Utilizing geofencing for your business benefits your fleet management process in a number of ways, including:


Tracking Your Fleet


The primary benefit of using geofencing for your business is that it makes it easier to keep tabs on your entire fleet all at once. With geofencing boundaries, you’ll always know where every individual driver is, which will keep them from wasting time and gas going outside of your boundaries. It also makes it easier for you to know which driver is closest to any service calls or worksite issues you need to address.


Keeping your Fleet Secure


Geofencing allows you to set up email and text alerts that’ll inform you as soon as any one of your fleet vehicles leaves the preset boundaries. This will make you immediately aware of any vehicle theft attempts.


Helping you Keep Track of Traffic Restrictions

Certain cities around the world have traffic restrictions set up, including weight limits and vehicle size restrictions in certain neighborhoods. Geotracking apps make it possible for you to consider these restrictions when you set up your fleet boundaries, preventing your drivers from accidentally entering areas they’re not supposed to be.


Making Fleet Travel Management Easier


Geofencing will also help you keep track of which driver is where and how close his is to any job sites or customers you may need to send them on. This will cut down on travel time for all of your fleet members.


Saving you Money


The individual financial benefits of geofencing are relatively small, but collectively add up to big savings. Organizing and controlling your fleet’s travel time will:


  • Cut down on gas costs and vehicle wear and tear
  • Protect your fleet from theft will save you money on insurance
  • Save you time on fleet coordination and management.


All of these benefits put together equate to significant savings.


Three of the Best Geofencing Apps


Ready to start using geofencing for your business in your fleet management system? Check out the three best apps currently on the market:



The Telogis fleet app includes fast mapping and special clustering, InSight alerts and driver scorecards, and weather and traffic updates.



This app comes with enterprise grouping, intelligent reporting, driver-focused data, and back office integration options.



Teletrac features polygon landmarks, landmark lists, driver watch lists, and interactive maps.


Innovative Technology from Adrian Steel


Utilizing geofencing apps will make managing your fleet easier, cheaper, and more efficient, but there are other innovative products that will help take your business to the next level. Adrian Steel is a leader in cargo management solutions. We offer:

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