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How to Integrate Social Media into Your Business

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With almost 80% of adults who are active online utilizing social media, it’s impossible to deny the impact this medium has had on our society.  Social media gives individuals an opportunity to stay connected with family and friends, a place to share their lives and thoughts, and a way to keep up on news and entertainment trends. But, social media isn’t just for personal use, it’s also an excellent tool for your business. Fleet managers, truck drivers, and service technicians can all use social media to promote their company, communicate directly with customers, and even expand their business.

Five Benefits of Using Social Media in Business


Not only is social media simple and easy to use, but it’s also a relatively inexpensive way to both solidify and grown your company. The top five ways using social media in business can benefit you are:


#1 – Connects You with Customers

Giving your customers a space to give you feedback and stay updated on what your business is doing will make it possible for you to build a more solid relationship with them individually. When a customer knows that they can visit your Facebook page or Twitter feed and ask questions, offer suggestions, or express concerns or issues and get a quick response, it will increase their loyalty to your company and your brand.


#2 – Helps Expand your Business

Social media is one of the best tools available to help you expand your business. You can use social media sites to advertise, promote your company, update followers on what your business is doing on any given day, and get your name out for new people to discover.


#3 – Increases Website Traffic and Search Rankings

Website traffic is dependent on either visits from pre-existing customers or people who have stumbled across it during a web search. Cross-posting website information on social media sites will not only increase the number of visitors to your website, but it will also help push your site up higher on search rankings.

#4 – Increases Brand Awareness

Social media is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to get your name out there. The more often customers see your business pop up, the more likely they are to remember you when they’re looking for someone who specializes in your company’s industry.

#5 – Makes Content Sharing Easier and Faster

Historically, one of the biggest challenges marketers have faced is getting content out there in the shortest time possible. This wasn’t an easy task when businesses had to wait for print ads or radio spots to be released, but all that has changed with the advent of social media. Social media platforms make it easy for your marketing team to get company content out there almost instantly.

Three Best Social Media Sites for Your Business

Now that you know how helpful social media can be to your company, which ones should you use? While there are a number of sites available now, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three that will be most helpful to your business:



With more than one billion active users, Facebook is hands down the most popular social media site in the world. The site allows people to like and post on your page and also lets you share posts with everyone who likes your page, making it easier to get more information to your customers.


With about 900 million users, Twitter is a close second in terms of popularity. However, unlike Facebook, this site limits the length of your posts to 140 characters per post, making it best for short bits of information such as specials, deals, and advertising slogans.



While LinkedIn has significantly fewer users-about 350 million and doesn’t allow you to share information quite the same way as Facebook and Twitter, it’s an excellent site for connecting with other professionals who work in your industry.

Although social media will not completely replace all of your advertising and marketing needs, it’s an excellent tool to have in your business arsenal. Get connected today and start utilizing social media to your advantage!

How Adrian Steel Uses Social Media

Here at Adrian Steel, we’re extremely active on social media. Connecting with customers, distributors, and other companies is a critical part of our business. We share blog posts, relevant industry news, photos from tradeshows, and promote contests. We also find a lot of value in showcasing our products; like our vocational upfit packages.

Need a bit of help designing the perfect upfit for your business?

We’ve put together some great ideas for full-service packages that include shelving, bins, partitions, and other useful items. Give us a call at (800) 677-2726 or find a distributor near you to get started today!

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