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Why You Should Be Using Fleet Management Apps

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With the advent of smartphones and tablet technology, gone are the days when you have to rely on old-fashioned pen and paper to manage your fleet. But how can these apps help and which ones should you be using? We’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of five reasons why you should be using fleet management apps, as well as information on three apps you definitely need to try.



Smartphones and tablets are far easier for your drivers to carry around than heavy laptops or thick notebooks. With the right apps, those convenient gadgets become even more useful. Mileage trackers, map and route apps, and fuel efficiency apps will make your employees’ jobs easier. Syncing their data with yours will make it even more convenient to keep track of their daily activities.


Having the same apps on all employee smartphones makes it easier for you to keep everything organized. Tracking apps allow you to know the real-time location and estimated time of arrival for each vehicle, which helps you to organize quickly when you need a driver at a specific location.

Safety and Security

Apps can monitor fleet speed, road hazards, accidents, and bad weather, all things that can threaten the safety of your drivers and your vehicles. Some apps can even provide special satellite anti-theft systems, which monitors your vehicle when it’s parked for long periods of time and only allow access to authorized drivers. 

Energy Conservation

Not only do fleet management apps reduce the amount of paper you use, but they can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. There are apps that track fuel efficiency, speed limits, route optimization, proactive vehicle maintenance, and smog checks, all of which help conserve energy usage.

Time and Money Management

Apps help cut costs, increase work productivity, improve customer service, and stop wasteful driving habits, saving you time and money!


Three Fleet Management Apps You Need to be Using

Now that you know why fleet management apps are so important, how do you know which ones to use? There are so many out there that it can be difficult to know which ones are best, but we’ve found three free apps that are useful for all types of fleets.













This app manages checklists and helps you collaborate with others on shared projects. Toodledo is compatible with any Android, Apple, or BlackBerry device.


Columbus Track

columbus track map | Adrian Steel










The perfect comprehensive app to use for live fleet monitoring, Columbus Track is a free app for Android that also comes with satellite anti-theft tracking.



track mileage map | Adrian Steel












This free Android and iOS compatible app keeps track of all things mileage related and also maps out the most economical route to your destination.


Innovative Technology from Adrian Steel

Utilizing these apps will make managing your fleet easier, cheaper, and safer, but there are other innovative products that will help take your business to the next level. Adrian Steel is the leader in cargo management solutions. We offer:

  • Cargo vehicle accessories that are designed to increase efficiency, organization, and professionalism on the job.
  • New interior ladder rack that increases vertical standing room in your cargo van and allows quick and easy access to your ladder from outside of your vehicle.
  • Expertly designed vocational upfit packages perfect for general contractors, locksmiths, PHVAC technicians, electricians, and many more!

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