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Winter Driving Safety Checklist for Fleet Managers

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As the cold weather sets in, it’s time to prepare your commercial fleet for the challenging driving conditions that come with it. Snow, sleet, and ice can make winter driving hazardous for your fleet drivers, so it’s vital that they’re ready before the bad weather hits. If you follow these winter driving safety tips, you’ll be ready to tackle any winter obstacle that comes your way.

Winter Driving Safety Checklists

When it comes to prepping your fleet for an accident-free winter, there are two areas to focus on: safety maintenance and safe driving. We have compiled a checklist for both to help you get ready.

Safety Maintenance Checklist

Your first line of defense in keeping your fleet safe during the winter months is to make sure all of your vehicles have been properly maintained. Before you let your fleet out on the road during inclement weather, make sure to perform the following maintenance checks.

Check Tire Conditions

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, one out of every 11 accidents in the U.S. is related to tire issues. Check your tires for traction, proper pressure levels, and general health before your vehicles go out on the road this winter.

Check Wheel Hubs

Look for steam or melting snow coming off vehicle wheel hubs, as these could be an indication of overheating wheel bearings that need to be replaced.

General Maintenance

Make sure batteries are properly charged, all windshield wipers are working well, check anti freeze levels, and put no-freeze windshield washer fluid in all reserves to ensure that all vehicle windows stay clear and ice-free.

Safe Driving Checklist

Once you’ve made sure all of your fleet vehicles are in proper winter driving condition, make sure you’ve properly trained all of your drivers in the art of safe winter driving. Hold safe driving classes as needed and be sure to post this safe driving checklist somewhere that all drivers can see it on a daily basis.

Slow Down

Always drive cautiously in inclement weather such as snow, sleet, ice, or rain. Going slow will help keep you in control should you need to make a quick stop or pull yourself out of a slide.

Buckle Up

Not only is wearing your seatbelt at all times one of the main ways you can keep yourself safe, it’s also the law in most states.

Stay Prepared

Make sure your vehicle is stocked for emergency preparedness at all times. Stock your van or truck with water, non-perishable food items, blankets, flashlights, and jumper cables.

Protect Your Eyes

Glare on ice and snow can play tricks on your eyes and lead to accidents. Keep your eyes protected while driving in the winter by wearing sunglasses, protective clothing, sun sleeves, and window covers on your vehicle.

Of course, there’s no way to prevent all winter driving issues, but with this winter driving safety checklists, you’ll be protecting your fleet and preparing your drivers for when the weather outside gets frightful!

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