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Stay Safe This Winter with These Work Van Maintenance Tips

winter vehicle maintenance over blue | Adrian Steel

With winter in full swing, many states across the country have already seen significant snowfall and everyone knows that the snow, ice, and salt can take a toll on all vehicles on the road. Make sure that your work vehicle is prepared for the extreme weather to come with these winter vehicle maintenance tips.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips:

Check Your Equipment

If you own an EZ Load, LoadsRite, or Interior Ladder Rack, make sure that the slides are completely clear of ice and snow. When these winter elements get lodged into the mechanisms, it can cause the ladder rack to stick, and potentially rust over time. Also,  be sure that the shock is working properly before the winter months roll around.

Upgrade and Stock-Up

Stock up on windshield washer fluid and replace wiper blades if necessary. You don’t want to get stuck in a snowstorm and not be able to see where you’re going! If your truck or van doesn’t already have heavy duty floor mats in the cab, consider using them in the winter to keep the floorboards clean from melted snow and mud.

Check your tire tread

If it’s below 1/16 of an inch, then it’s time to invest in a new set of tires to keep you safe this winter. If you live in a high snowfall area, you may consider switching over to snow tires or attaching tire chains, especially if you drive a truck. 

Wash Your Work Vehicle Frequently

The salt used to melt ice on the roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint and metal frame. Be sure to clean the undercarriage regularly to remove the rust-causing salt. Once clean, wax and seal your van or truck to help to protect your vehicle from future damage.

Keep your gas tank full

In the winter, you rely on your engine for more than just running your vehicle; it also provides heat to keep you warm. You don’t want to get stuck in a ditch in negative degree weather and run out of gas. You can’t predict when a tow truck will arrive, and you don’t want to risk being trapped without heat.

Buy an emergency kit

Always be prepared with an emergency kit on hand. Keep a shovel, blanket, hand warmers, bottled water, jumper cables, and other useful items that can help keep you safe if you get stranded in the cold.

Get organized

Keeping your work vehicle well-organized will not only help you keep track of your winter essentials but will also help you on the job! Keeping your tools of the trade organized allows you to run your business more efficiently and ultimately save you money.

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