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5 Benefits to Installing Work Van Flooring

When you think of upfits, you may think of your ladder rack or shelving. But it all rests on the foundation of your vehicle – the floor! Custom work van flooring upfits are just as important for the life of a tradesperson as any other upfit. If you haven’t upgraded your work van’s floor, read on to see why you should!

Why Do You Need Work Van Flooring?

If you’re looking at upfitting your work van, there are plenty of parts and accessories to choose from. Don’t overlook work van flooring – it offers several benefits that make it a great addition to your vehicle.


No tradesperson should overlook the benefit of improved safety. Work van flooring is designed to prevent slips. When you’re on the clock, you move quick. Especially when the weather is rough, losing your footing could pose a major risk.

Adrian Steel’s most popular workmats use a unique rubber diamond tread that gives you extra grip. This keeps your feet on the ground when you’re surrounded by sharp metal tools.


Your vehicle is inseparable from your success. If it gets damaged, it could mean days of lost work and income. Work van flooring adds an additional layer of protection to your vehicle. You won’t need to worry about dropping your hammer or sharp turns sending power tools crashing into your van.

Reduce Noise

While partitions are the best way to help minimize noise for contractors on the go, work van flooring plays a big role too. Rubber workmats go a long way in dampening any sound in the cargo area of your van, further reducing the metal clangs and bangs of your day-to-day operation.

Noise isn’t just annoying. It can be a distraction on the road. When you reduce the noise in your van, you’re further increasing safety. That keeps you working and earning.

Easier to Clean

No matter what type of trade you work in, things can get messy in the back of your van. Every time you step into the back during a rainy day, you’re tracking mud and moisture inside.

Cleaning up the back of a work van isn’t fun, but it is necessary. When you have custom van flooring, it’s typically easier to keep spotless than the standard cargo area.

Professional Appearance

Presentation is key for any contract worker. You want to leave a good impression at every step of the process. Well-kept van exteriors are obvious, but your clients will often get a chance to see in the back of your van too.

In addition to being easier to keep clean, work van flooring just looks better. It offers a finished appearance that can make your van or fleet look well-maintained. That impression will play a role in generating repeating business.

Finding the Right Work Van Flooring

Depending on the model of your vehicle, you may have multiple options for readily-available flooring. Adrian Steel’s upfits for models like the popular Ford Transit have multiple floor mats available.

There are three types of work van floor materials:

Rubber – The most affordable option, rubber mats are popular for the increased grip, sound dampening and low cost.

Composite– For vehicles like ProMaster, composite flooring is another great option that uses special texture to improve gripping and give your work van a more professional appearance.

Finding the Right Upfitter

As custom flooring for your van will act as a foundation for other upfit parts to rest on, it’s important that you trust its installation to a reputable work van upfitter. You don’t want to install custom work van flooring only to later find out that it’s uneven or damaged!

We can help you find a nearby Adrian Steel distributor. They have certified sales professionals and technicians who can safely install any new equipment in your work van.

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