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How Van Equipment Upfits Help Protect Your Vehicle & You

Male skilled trades worker looks for items in blue bins inside his van upfit - van equipment upfitsIt’s more than your work van. It’s your commuting workhorse. Your office and workshop on wheels. And probably one of your biggest investments. You’ve probably taken all the usual steps to make sure it’s protected – proper maintenance, insurance, safe driving habits. But did you know that adding van equipment upfits can actually help protect you and your work vehicle?

You may think of van upfit equipment as just a way to organize your tools and supplies. But that’s just one part of its job. Upfits help protect your van from the wear and tear your equipment can inflict on it. Plus, van equipment upfits made specifically for your work van and properly installed helps protect you as well as your work van. Let’s explore a few examples.

How Partitions Help Protect Your Work Van & You

Van partitions provide a barrier between you and your cargo, to help keep you both safe and comfortable on your commute.

How it helps protect your work van – You never know when you’ll have to make a sudden stop. A van partition help keep your cargo in the cargo area of your van, right where it belongs. With a partition, you’ll worry less about tools and equipment rolling – or worse, flying – into your cargo area or through your windshield!

How it helps protect you – Obviously, a partition can help keep you safe from unexpectedly shifting cargo. But a partition can also deaden sound (protecting your hearing and preventing distractions) and make it easy heat or cool the cab area.

For the ultimate quiet and comfortable work van ride, check out our NEW composite partition!

How Ladder Racks Help Protect Your Work Van & You

Whether they’re roof-mounted or interior-mounted, ladder racks are a must for securely transporting ladders to and from the job site.

How they help protect your work van – Loading and unloading ladders can take its toll on your van. Ladder racks help protect the roof or the interior van from the dings, dents, and damage your ladder can cause. And solid, secure ladder racks help protect those around you from any damage that a loose ladder can cause during a commute!

How they help protect you – The damage that loading and unloading ladders inflict on your work van is a problem. But the damage it can inflict on you can be debilitating. Cheap, hard-to-use ladder racks are a pain in the back (and arms, and neck). Don’t take a chance on losing work days to back or arm strain. Invest in a well-designed ladder rack that’s durable, reliable, and easy to use.

We’ve got the ladder rack that’s right for you – even if you have a high roof or you’re between 5’3” and 5’7” tall – in our ladder rack lineup!

How Van Shelving Helps Protect Your Work Van & You

When you’re on the job, you’re busy; you don’t have time to play hide-and-seek with your equipment, and you certainly don’t need the added frustration. Van shelving keeps you organized – you’ll know where everything is and it makes it easy to tell when you need replenish your supplies.

How it helps protect your work van – Beyond just keeping your organized, van shelving helps to protect van from the dents and damage loose tools and shifting equipment can cause.

How it helps protect you – When you don’t know where your tools are, it’s easy to trip over them. And if they’ve shifted or relocated in hard-to-reach areas, you could strain your neck, arms, or back trying to get them back into place. As an added bonus, work shelving improves your efficiency and makes you and your business look more professional.

View our extensive line of van shelving perfectly sized for the trades’ most popular work vans.

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