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3 Key Advantages of a Carpentry Van Upfit

A great carpenter can do amazing things. A great carpenter with a properly upfitted van can do amazing things efficiently. But what are the best ways to approach carpentry van setup? Let Adrian Steel help you understand the benefits of a carpentry van upfit and the important parts to include.

Key Advantages of a Carpentry Van Upfit

An upfit for your carpentry van with the right setup can make all the difference in the world. The primary benefits for your business are:

Improved Access

One of the most significant factors for any upfit is improving your access to the tools you use. For carpenters, like any contractors, time is money. Without the proper carpentry van setup, you’re often stuck digging through piles of tools and junk to find what you need.

Following your upfit, everything will have its place. The tools you need, the parts you use and the equipment you haul can be found when you need it without the fuss.

Convenient Storage

The extra convenience makes working in your truck less stressful – something every contractor can appreciate! Not only will it make accessing your tools easier, it will make loading up faster. Not every job uses the same tools or parts, so you’ll be able to organize them as needed.

Preparing specific bins or shelves for your upcoming jobs can make the entire day go faster. That means less time per job, improving your profits – with the opportunity for taking on more work each day.

Increased Safety

All your equipment poses an additional risk besides using up your time: safety. The tools you use for your carpentry business are often heavy. Without proper storage, they can easily bounce and slide around in the back of your van. One slam of the brakes could turn any of those tools into a dangerous projectile.

While personal injury is a potential risk, it’s more likely that your tools themselves will be damaged during travel. You spend a lot for quality tools, additional wear-and-tear costs your business money.

Proper storage keeps your tools in great condition for longer. This is even more important for expensive mechanical equipment that could be easily broken from the heavy jostling from being loose in a van.

Lastly, an upfit protects your vehicle. Unlike replacing a tool, damage to your vehicle can be a crippling expense. Safe carpentry van setup minimizes your risk for interior damage. You can stay on the road without worry!

Interior Upfit Equipment

There are a lot of ways you can plan your carpentry van setup to prepare for your upfit. Here are the most popular interior upfit equipment available:

  • Shelving – Shelving for van upfits is available with several options. You can opt for welded shelving units that are built for all types of additions, or with the more flexible configurable shelving. Either way, shelving in your van is the ideal way to prepare for storing a variety of tools and parts
  • Interior Ladder Rack – If your ladder can fit inside your van, an interior ladder rack can hold it in place. Not only will it keep your ladder accessible, an interior ladder rack can keep it in prime condition for longer, away from weathering damage.
  • Partition – No carpentry van setup is complete without a partition. They provide a protective barrier for the driver from shifting cargo, noise reduction, and help with organization.
  • Bins & Accessories – With everything from plastic bins to window screens, Adrian Steel equipment for your needs to help organize and protect your van.

A custom upfit for your van includes finding the best equipment and accessories to meet your needs. You can find distributors near you to learn more.

Ladder Racks for Carpentry Van Upfits

Few tradesmen or tradeswomen can do their daily job without a quality ladder. You may even have more than one ladder! It’s important to have a good way to keep that ladder safe, portable and accessible.

A roof ladder rack lets you save interior space and keep your ladder ready for action. Depending on the type of ladder rack you want, they can do more than just give you a place to store your ladder. Popular racks like our drop-down ladder racks not only safely hold your ladder, they make it painless to access! Any technician 5’4” or taller will be able to easily load or unload their ladder in just seconds.

Adrian Steel ladder racks are manufactured for quality and give you the easiest access to this critical tool you bring on every job. Whether you have one ladder or more, ladder racks make your bulkiest piece of equipment as easy to transport as any other tool.

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