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Boost Efficiency & Organization with Trade Van Accessories

Male skilled trades worker looks for items in blue bins inside his van upfit - Boost efficiency & organization with trade van accessoriesHow often has this happened to you: You’re on the job-site, ready to get to work, and you can’t find supplies you need. You rummage through your van and your toolboxes, only to give up – exasperated – and head to the hardware store. You end up losing productivity, replacing it with an equal amount of frustration. What’s the best way to keep this from becoming a recurring work nightmare? Upfit your on-the-road storage system with trade van accessories!

Trade van accessories give you a whole lot of return on your investment, both in terms of time and money. Of course, they save you a lot of time – the time you’d waste searching for the tools and supplies you need to get the job done. But they also save you money by protecting your equipment and keeping you prepared for what you may need on the job. Not only that, an organized van improves your professional image, letting your clients know you’re on top of your trade. Sounds like a lot to ask of a few accessories? Trade Van accessories from Adrian Steel are up to the task, and are always ready to take care of (your) business.

How Trade Van Accessories Can Bolster Your Business

They Protect Your Van

Your van is probably your most expensive – and, arguably, your most important – piece of equipment. So, it just makes sense to protect it, even from your other supplies and equipment.

Take, for example, a ladder rack. Not only does it help get your ladder to and from the jobsite, it protects your van from the dents and scratches it could cause in transit if it weren’t properly secured. Then think about partitions and shelving. Partitions and shelving keep your cargo in place, eliminating the damage that loose equipment could cause on the interior of your van’s cargo area. And we’re not just talking about large pieces of equipment. Screws, nails, and other small supplies can easily scratch and scrape your van’s interior coating if they’re dragged under your feet or equipment. But upfit accessories can keep your tools and supplies – large and small – in place and out of harm’s way.

They Protect Your Equipment

Your tools and supplies, like your van, are an investment. And like your van, they deserve a little protection on your journey to and from the job. Upfit accessories not only organize your tools and supplies, they also protect them from damage on the road by holding them in place. Lockable shelf cabinets and window screens add another level of protection – protection from theft.

They Keep You Prepared

Do you have all the parts you need for the job? Are you sure? Stop second guessing. Trade van accessories like bins, parts cases, and trays make it easy for you to quickly check your inventory. You’ll always have the right parts on hand and you’ll know in advance when it’s time to replenish your supplies.

They’ll Enhance Your Professional Image

If you’re riding around in a cluttered, disorganized van, your giving customers a bad business image. First impressions are lasting impressions; a well-stock, organized van shows that you take pride in your work and you know what you need to get the job done.

Our Favorite Storage Accessories


Blue Bins

Our blue bins are durable and versatile way to store your small parts and tools. Each bin is molded from of tough, high-quality molded polypropylene and features curved inside corners to eliminate trapped dust and dirt. Bins include divider slots, reinforced walls, molded finger grips, and label holders for parts identification. They’re perfect for organizing cargo on shelves.

Plastic Snap-In Bins

These exclusive molded storage bins are perfect for visual inventory management. The innovative rail system locks the bins in place, preventing them from shifting from side to side. Available in 6″ and 12″ widths, the bins can nest on top of each other when at the job site or in the warehouse getting filled to go. The front allows for a label so you can find parts quickly; and each bin can accommodate 1 optional divider to organize smaller parts.

Parts Cases

Portable Parts Cases

Versatile, lightweight, durable, convenient and mobile – our portable parts cases are ideal for the tech who needs to carry small parts and inventory to the jobsite. The see-through lids make it easy to identify the contents that are organized within the adjustable dividers. Two snap latches keep the contents secure inside the impact resistant cases.

Parts Case Holder

Keep your parts cases organized and ready for duty with this stacking parts case holder. Each holder includes two PPCS totes, one PPCL tote and a First Aid Kit.

Assorted Trays

  • Drill Bit Tray – 74″ Drill Bit Tray – Perfect for storing long drill bits and fiberglass rods.
  • Aerosol Can Tray – Aerosol Can Trays secure cans for easy access on doors, partition, or shelving end panels. Measures 15-7/16″W x 6.75″H x 4″D. Holds 4 cans.
  • Door Storage Tray (+ Lid) – Door Storage Trays offer convenient access to parts and tools. They’re available in four styles for mounting to doors, end panels, partitions or other vertical surfaces. They measure 20″W x 8″H x 4″D.
  • Parts Tray – Simple, yet versatile, parts trays keep small parts at your fingertips. They measure 36”W x 2”H x 12”D and can be mounted to cabinet and drawer modules for added top storage.

Hard Hat Holder – Keep your hard hat handy with this Hard Hat Holder. Secures to a partition or shelving.

Four-Hook Bar – Four welded hooks with 2″ hanger opening are securely attached to a 2’X 12” bar that can be mounted to a partition, shelf-end panel, or other vertical surface.

Cable Reel Holders

  • End Panel Reel Holder – Bar mounts between shelf end panels for easy access to spools of cable and wire. Available in 26”, 32”, 44”, and 50” lengths.
  • 5-Bar Reel Holder – This wire reel holder features 5 removable bars that can hold wire spools up to 6″ in diameter. It mounts to shelf ends for convenient access.

Ready to power-up your organization and efficiency? We’ll help you find the right storage accessories for your trade van and your business. Contact us online or find a distributor near you to get started today!


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