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Benefits of Ladder Racks for Work Vehicles

Ladder Racks from Adrian Steel

Increase Cargo Space

Ladder Racks are an easy way to increase space inside your work vehicle.  Instead of storing your large, bulky ladder inside your van or truck bed, use a ladder rack.  Now your ladder can be stored securely on top of your vehicle.  By utilizing the top of your vehicle for storage, you create more space inside your work van.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Ladder racks make it much safer to load and unload a ladder.  Instead of hauling your ladder out of the back of your van or truck, let the ladder rack do the work.

Adrian Steel ladder racks are designed for ease-of-use, while at the same time being extremely durable.  Have a tall van?  Our LoadsRite Ladder Rack offers a hydraulic speed damper to gently lower the ladder down to you.

The new EZ Load Ladder Rack is the next generation of grip-lock style racks.  This ladder rack is currently available for the Nissan NV Cargo Standard roof.  Unlike other grip-lock style ladder racks on the market, Adrian Steel’s EZ Load Ladder rack lowers the ladder six inches toward you, so you don’t have to strain to reach the top of your van.

Now, instead of exposing yourself to injury, you can safely access your ladder.

Make Your Job Easier

Another great benefit of an Adrian Steel ladder rack is that it makes your job easier.  Loading, transporting, and unloading a ladder becomes streamlined and simple with a ladder rack.  Don’t waste time struggling with your ladder; arrive at your job site and unload your ladder in less time, with less hassle.

Store Your Ladder Securely

A work ladder is an essential piece of work equipment.  Most ladders are also expensive, heavy, and cumbersome.  A ladder rack takes the worry out of transporting ladders.  Secure your ladder to the top of your vehicle, and rest assured that it won’t slip or move during transport.

Adrian Steel ladder racks are rugged and built to last.  They can handle the weight of your ladder.  Ladder racks by Adrian Steel are coated with Steel-Cote™, a diamond-hard powder coat finish.

Adrian Steel Ladder Racks

Types of ladder racks offered by Adrian Steel:

  • LoadsRite Drop-Down:  Easy to raise and lower.  Unique design brings your ladder to a comfortable working height by positioning the ladder diagonally.
  • EZ Load:  Designed to lower ladder six inches toward you.
  • GripLock:  Firmly grips ladder rungs to prevent shifting during transport.
  • Utility Racks:  A versatile option for transporting a variety of cargo.
  • Perimeter Racks:   Designed for full size vans.  Gutter mounted, no drilling required.  Slantdown rear section for easy unloading, rope hooks for easy tie-down.
  • Ladder Keeper:  Mounts ladder to the ceiling of the van, keeping it inside and out of the elements.
  • Load Runner:  Pickup ladder rack, rated for the maximum load allowed by truck manufacturers.
  • LoadFlex:  Pickup rack, easy-on, easy-off uprights that can be removed for leisure time activities.

Adrian Steel

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