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EZ Load Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel

The new EZ Load Ladder Rack is designed to increase safety, while decreasing strain on backs and arms.

The EZ Load Ladder Rack is an entirely new solution for today’s taller vans.  Unlike comparable grip-lock style ladder racks on the market, the EZ Load brings the ladder closer to you, so you don’t need to reach the roof of your van to load ladders.

No more stretching to reach the top of your van, the EZ Load brings the ladder six inches closer, making it much easier to load and unload your ladders.

This is excellent for increased safety.  Don’t risk injury by straining to reach the roof of your van.  Instead, use the EZ Load for simple, quick access to your ladder.

The EZ Load reduces strain on your arms and back, by making the ladder more accessible.

Tips to Maximize Benefits:

To load your ladder:

  • Rest the top of the ladder in the front bracket, with the bottom of the ladder on the ground.
  • Next, lift the bottom of the ladder straight up and set it into the rear clamp bracket.
  • Use the ergonomic handle to lift and latch the ladder into place.

To unload your ladder:

  • Release the handle and use it to drop the rack back down.
  • Lift the ladder out of the rear bracket, and lower it to the ground, leaving the ladder still in the front bracket.
  • Finally, grab the middle of the ladder and ease it out of the front bracket.  Now you can carry the ladder to your job.


Watch the EZ Load in Action

View videos of the EZ Load Ladder Rack by Adrian Steel:

Adrian Steel

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