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Comparing Ladder Racks: The EZ Load vs. Grip Lock

EZ Load Ladder Rack from Adrian SteelThe all-new EZ Load ladder rack from Adrian Steel is here:  a redefined, grip lock style that makes it easy to load and unload your ladders.

Today’s vans are growing taller. Instead of modifying existing designs, we developed an entirely new solution: the EZ Load rack.

EZ Load vs. Grip Lock

The EZ Load is a step-up from a Grip Lock ladder rack.  Grip Lock racks have been the industry standard for many years.  But, while most companies modified their current rack to fit modern, taller vans, Adrian Steel was committed to redefining the Grip Lock ladder rack.  We addressed the issues many users experienced with the current racks on the market.  From their input, we came up with the next generation Grip Lock rack.


When both racks are installed on similar vehicles, you can quickly tell the difference in the reach-height to load and unload your ladder.  On the Grip Lock rack, you have to reach the roof of the van to lower and unload the ladder.  The EZ Load lowers the ladder, so you don’t have to reach that high.


EZ Load is also easier to adjust, because you use one common fastener, versus Grip Lock racks with different fasteners with different brackets.  Attaching accessories on the EZ Load is much quicker, thanks to the t-slot channel and square head bolts.  They also make adjusting and moving accessories simple.


And the aluminum EZ Load is 10 lbs. lighter than comparable steel Grip Lock racks without losing any strength or durability.

Need Help?

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EZ Load Ladder Rack Videos

For more information, please view our EZ Load Adjusting & Loading video and the EZ Load Features & Benefits video.

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