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New ProMaster Upfit Package for HVAC Professionals

Ram ProMaster Upfit PackageAdrian Steel is pleased to announce our recent launch of an upfit package for the Ram ProMaster 136”, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of HVAC professionals. Renowned for its flexibility, durability, and compact design, the ProMaster is fast becoming one of the most popular commercial vehicles in the HVAC industry. Adrian Steel is excited to have high-quality upfit packages to go with it.


ProMaster Upfit Package Highlights

Our new ProMaster upfit package includes a multitude of special features, created especially for the HVAC professional. Some of the key features of these new packages include:


Durable adjustable shelving:

Our unique adjustable shelving unit was designed exclusively for the ProMaster. This ADseries unit measures 44” wide, 59” tall, and 14” deep and adjusts on 1” increments and is easy to move using just a screwdriver.



Created to fit both the ProMaster standard and high roof, these partitions will keep your cargo secure in the back of your van, which will increase your safety should you have to stop quickly. These partitions are sold as panel kits and wing kits and include assembly and installation fasteners for base van trim level. If you need a higher trim level, modifying might be necessary. This model also features a perforated center and curbside panels, which increases your rear visibility, and hinged locking safety door, which will keep your cargo safe.


Tank Rack:

Easily transport refrigerant tanks with these racks that can carry 2-30lb and 1-50lb tanks vertically and also feature our new 14-gage tubular welded steel frames, sloped cradles, and nylon straps for extra security.



Our 6” composite drawer components for the HVAC ProMaster upfit package are made of high impact polymer for durability and quiet operation. The base model features three drawers with retention to prevent drawers from coming open while in transit and is perfect for storing and organizing small parts. Each drawer can hold up to 5lbs and the unit measures 6” x 12” x 12”.


With the right upfits, your professional HVAC ProMaster van takes on a whole new level of organization and professionalism, which makes your job easier and more efficient. Contact Adrian Steel today to discuss which upfit options are right for you!


About Adrian Steel

Located in Adrian, Michigan, Adrian Steel is the premiere company for all of your commercial vehicle storage solution needs. Since opening their doors in 1953, Adrian Steel has installed upfits on over one million vehicles and is committed to the production of quality products highlighted by constant innovation. Their strong reputation in the industry is matched only by their resolve to offer the best lead times and highest quality product. Their products are durable and reliable, with warranty claims on less than 1% of sales. Adrian Steel warranties cover their products for three years or 36,000 miles.


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