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Make a great first impression with your work vehicleDid you know that it takes less than a second to form a first impression? When you pull up to a client’s home for a job, she instantly forms an impression of you and your company – before you even get out of the vehicle! Even more importantly, once an impression is formed, it can be extremely difficult to change.

The cleanliness and condition of your vehicle speaks volumes about your company, and you might not even know it – and when your clients are impressed, there’s no doubt it benefits your business. It’s not easy to forget a first impression and your clients will share that experience with their friends and family. You have the opportunity to grow your business tremendously with word-of-mouth recommendations from your clients. Here are some tips to ensure that your work van or truck will “wow” your clients before you even start the job.

Maintain the exterior of your vehicle

A commercial work vehicle is a big investment and you will likely want to keep your truck or van in tip-top shape. If you care for your vehicle, not only will you extend its life, but you will build a strong, positive brand for your company, too. In a lot of ways, your work vehicle is the face of your company; it is the first thing potential clients see when you’re on the road.

A rusty, dirty vehicle sends the message to potential clients that the driver doesn’t take care of his equipment. Don’t be this person! Take care of your vehicle: wash it frequently, get regular maintenance check-ups, and fix any dents or scratches when they occur. If any part of your vehicle appears to be unsafe, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. Ladder racks, for example, get a lot of wear-and-tear over time from usage and weather elements. If it is time to replace your ladder rack, Adrian Steel offers a variety of options to update the look and safety of your van or truck.

Stay organized

Your reputation as a service professional depends greatly on your ability to organize. If you show up late to a job because you misplaced a client’s address, that client will certainly not have a positive first impression. If you can’t find a tool you need to get the job done, that reflects negatively on your reputation. Instead, create a great relationship with your clients and stay organized on the job with Adrian Steel’s vocational upfit packages. Whether you are a plumber, locksmith, or any other type of service professional, Adrian Steel has an upfit package that will benefit your business.

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About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel is committed to producing high-quality, innovative cargo management solutions for customers across North America. Established in 1953, Adrian Steel is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle upfits and storage solutions to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. Products include heavy duty drawer units, customizable shelving, durable toolboxes, versatile ladder racks, and more.

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