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We rely on locks to feel safe. You lock you doors at night and you lock your car as you walk away from it in the parking lot. This critical aspect of security is provided thanks to the tireless work of professionals working in the locksmith industry. But, like many vocations, the locksmith industry is changing – implementing new technology and shifting what services the experts provide to society. 

Read on to learn more about working in the locksmith industry, statistics surrounding the vocation, and how Adrian Steel can help locksmiths simplify their daily work! 

What Type of Work to Expect in the Locksmith Industry 

The average homeowner may only work with a locksmith a few times in their life. And to the outside looking in, their job may seem straightforward! While locksmiths have a narrow field of expertise, the importance of locks, keys and the security they provide are unmistakably important for society. 

Here are some of the most common aspects of working in the locksmithing industry: 

24/7 Emergency Locksmithing 

One of the biggest benefits of locks is that they’re easy to use. So easy that sometimes we make mistakes, like locking our keys in our car or locking ourselves out of our homes. Many locksmiths build their careers as being quick responders to lock emergencies like these. 

Responding to a lockout situation involves being available at all hours of the day. If they installed the locks for a particular building, they’ll likely be the ones requested for gaining access after an accidental lockout. In some cases, the lock may need to be drilled and replaced – something that a 24/7 locksmithing service can help with! 

Locksmiths are also relied on for issues with locks of all types. Safes, vaults and other access security devices may malfunction. A professional will be able to use their experience and tools to find ways to repair, replace or access these even without the original key. 

Installing or Changing Locks on Windows & Doors 

Few, if any, buildings exist without locks. Every exterior door and every window will likely have a locking mechanism, ranging from simple deadbolts to advanced electrical access control systems. At some point in construction or remodeling, a locksmith was involved in either providing the locks for installation or installing them directly! 

Additionally, when residential or commercial buildings are sold, one of the key steps for security is to change the locks. While some locks can be changed as a DIY project, a professional locksmith ensures you have the right lock for your needs, that they’re installed correctly, and that you have support in the future if you need help with them! 

Cutting & Copying Keys 

Another common service provided by those in the locksmith industry is cutting or copying keys. With the advent of instant key copying devices, you may wonder why locksmiths are still needed for this service.  

Certain types of keys aren’t able to be copied. And in other cases, you may have a lock but no key! A skilled locksmith can often use the lock to create a brandnew key. This isn’t possible for all types of locks, but it is one of the important benefits the locksmith industry can provide that some may overlook. 

Automobile Locksmithing & Key Fobs 

Advancing technology means the expertise of a professional is even harder to replace, especially for the “do-it-yourself” crowd. With modern cars using remote fobs and keyless entry, automotive locksmithing is more important than ever!  

Locksmiths can invest in tools and training to help with vehicle access or security, including: 

  • Duplicating & Milling Car Keys 
  • Programming Key Fobs/Transponders 
  • Duplicating/Cloning Key Fobs 
  • Decoding Electronic Car Locks 
  • Picking Automotive Locks 

Like many industries, an individual locksmith may be focused in one or more specialized jobs in their field. Not every locksmith works with electronic locks, but many do and are critical for homeowners, car owners and business owners looking to take advantage of modern technology. 

Adrian Steel Upfits for the Locksmith Industry 

Whether you respond to locksmithing emergencies or just want to keep your most used tools with you on the road, an Adrian Steel upfit lets you get the job done without making unnecessary trips back to your shop! We recommend our locksmithing vocational upfits as a great starting point for your mobile workshop. 

Of course, any craftsman needs space to work, which is why our top choice for van upfits includes a workbench module. With options like an 84-inch workbench, you’ll have room for milling equipment or your other top tools right in your van! 

Additional upfit features in our locksmith starter package include everything you’d need to turn your van into the second office you’ve always needed: 

  • Multiple Shelf Catalog File – Keeping your paperwork organized is critical to success for any contractor, but particularly important for locksmiths who want to keep information available if a client has any issues 
  • Ergonomic Key Machine Base – Our key machine holds your key machine and angles it 25 degrees towards you to make it easier to cut keys quickly and comfortably 
  • Locking Cabinets – No vocational upfit is complete without locking cabinets for storing larger tools or equipment. They keep your gear safe from motion and theft! 
  • Partition – A partition not only helps improve general vehicle safety, it also reduces sound to improve driver comfort as you move between jobs 

The best part of any upfit is the part customized for you. While our locksmith van and truck upfits are great to help inspire you, consider working with our network of reliable distributors to plan a custom upfit with Adrian Steel products that fit your needs. 

Locksmith Industry Statistics 

With such a wide variety of responsibilities, statistics surrounding the locksmithing industry cover a range of important information. Here are some notable details focusing on locksmiths and the state of their profession: 

  • In 2018, there were an estimated 16,970 locksmiths active in the U.S. workforce 
  • Women make up approximately 5 percent of the locksmith workforce 
  • The average age of locksmiths in the Us is around 46 years of age, leaving plenty of room for newcomers to the industry 
  • Over 1.5 million housing projects are projected to begin throughout 2020, creating ample opportunity for locksmiths who are critical in the process of new construction 

Top Trends in the Locksmith Industry 

Technology Expansion into Wider Offerings 

All vocations have been affected by the rapidly changing technological landscape. In the locksmithing industry, this has come in the form of new types of systems that replace standard locking systems. While locking mechanisms remain similar, new forms of access from keypads to biometrics and beyond have changed what property owners need for controlling access. 

Locksmiths similarly have expanded their offerings to keep up with these demands. The modern locksmith looking to keep their business at the forefront may look into expanding into becoming an expert in security tech. 

Increased Specialization 

On the other side of the same coin, locksmiths in many areas are focusing their efforts to becoming specialists in certain fields. Examples of locksmithing specialists are automotive locksmiths or access control specialists. 

With these new paths in the industry, the term locksmith becomes more of an umbrella for several different aspects of what professionals may provide. 

About Adrian Steel & The Locksmithing Industry 

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Adrian Steel manufactures contractor-grade products and storage solutions including shelving, workbenches, cabinets, partitions, ladder racks, aluminum toolboxes, and accessories. Our work with the locksmith industry is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing common headaches in your work day for all types of locksmithing work.  

As the locksmithing industry evolves, Adrian Steel is always evolving with you.  Adrian Steel can help keep you moving forward with the right upfit solution with every shift of the industry 

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