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Adrian Steel LoadsRite Ladder Rack for Securing CargoWhen you hear about securing cargo, you may think of large semi-trucks or freight shipping. But did you know that as a driver of a commercial van or truck that you need to be aware of the importance of securing cargo as well? According to Business Fleet, “A 20-pound object traveling at 55 mph hits with the force of 1,000 pounds at the time of impact.” If you’re carrying cargo, whether it’s tools, equipment, or project materials, be sure it is properly secured for transportation to avoid causing harm to passengers and the equipment itself.


Adrian Steel’s upfits are manufactured with this in mind. The safety of our customers is one of our top priorities. While our products do provide storage and organization solutions for your equipment, they also help to keep cargo secure while on-the-go. Take a look at some of Adrian Steel’s best products for securing cargo.

  • Partitions – Partitions are a must when it comes to passenger safety. Made of steel or wire mesh, partitions create a barrier between the cargo in the back and the passengers in the cab. If, for example, you need to slam on the breaks, you don’t have to worry about the cargo flying up and harming anyone.
  • Ladder Racks – Adrian Steel’s ladder racks are designed for optimum usability and safety. Various models are available, including the Grip-Lock, which is especially ideal for customers who are concerned about their ladder shifting during transportation.
  • Lock ‘N Latch Drawers – These drawers are particularly useful for storing smaller cargo items like hand tools and parts. Like their name implies, Lock ‘N Latch drawers can be locked in an open, closed, locked closed position to ensure that whatever is stored in the drawers stays exactly where you want it.
  • Door Kits – To provide extra security for your cargo stored on shelves, you can easily add a door kit. Door kits allow you to convert an open shelf into a locking cabinet, which can help keep your equipment secure and out of sight!

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If you have questions about how to best store the cargo in your commercial van or truck, contact Adrian Steel today. We can work with you to craft a custom package designed especially for securing cargo. Give us a call at (517) 265-6194, send us an email at, or visit our website.


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