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Work Van Accessories to Increase Efficiency

Adrian Steel is known for its durable upfit packages which often include larger products such as bulkheads, shelving, storage units, and ladder racks. These packages are proven to increase organization, efficiency, and professionalism on the job, but did you know that smaller accessories can have a big benefit for your business as well? When designing a new product, Adrian Steel innovators pay attention to the details. Over the years, they’ve learned that many work van owners require special storage for extra small and large items. Take a look at some of the work van accessories that Adrian Steel offers to help accommodate for the odd-sized items in your vehicle.

  • Bin Systems – Blue plastic bins can be added to any Adrian Steel shelving unit. These convenient bins optimize the shelf space in your work van by creating designated areas for smaller parts and tools. Constructed of durable molded polypropylene, blue bins can easily be removed from the shelf and stacked upon each other to take with you to a worksite. By utilizing the label holders, you can quickly and efficiently find exactly the parts you’re looking for.
  • Door Tray – Maximize all potential storage space with the versatile door storage tray. This accessory can be mounted to doors, end panels, partitions, and virtually any vertical surface in your work van. The door tray is the perfect place to store your regularly used tools and aerosol cans for quick and convenient access.
  • Long Part Storage Kit– Adrian Steel understands that transporting extra-long cargo such as conduit or pipe safely can be a bit of a challenge. The long part storage kit for full sized Nissan vans includes a modified middle partition panel with 13 ¾” wide by 5 ¾” high opening. Tie-downs and a tray in the back help to secure the long cargo and protect the rear doors.
  • Parts Tray – Similar to the bin system, parts trays help to separate small parts and keep everything organized. With a 2” deep shelf lip, parts trays work best within drawer or cabinet modules, but can be mounted to virtually any horizontal surface in your work van.

About Adrian Steel

In business for more than 60 years, Adrian Steel is a leader in the upfitting industry. In addition to the company’s high quality storage solutions and ergonomically designed ladder racks, Adrian Steel also offers a variety of work van accessories to increase efficiency on-the-job. View more Adrian Steel work van accessories.

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