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Types of Van Partitions

We offer the following van partitions and bulkheads:

Organize Your Work Van with a Bulkhead

Want to upfit your work van? Start with a bulkhead or partition from Adrian Steel. We offer the highest quality van accessories for your vehicle.

Cargo Van Bulkhead

Choose a Bulkhead Style:

  • Solid
  • Perforated
  • Hinged Door

Choose a Wing Kit:

  • Standard
  • 3" Setback

Add Accessories:

  • Cover Panels
  • Files
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hook Bars
  • Tank Holders
  • Plastic Bin Systems
  • Wire Window Screens
  • Long Part Storage Kits
  • Door Kits
  • and more

*Please note that not all accessories are available for all bulkheads.

Top Benefits of Van Bulkheads

A bulkhead (partition) is one of the most practical van accessories you can purchase. A van bulkhead is a divider, located behind the driver. There are several excellent reasons to purchase a van bulkhead, including:

  • Safety: A van bulkhead is like a wall, separating you from the cargo area of your work van. If you haul heavy equipment or bulky tools, a bulkhead can offer protection to you and your passengers.
  • Efficiency: By installing a van bulkhead, you are designating a cargo area in your van. Keeping your equipment in one place makes it easier for you to find the tool or item you're looking for.
  • Noise Reduction Work vans can be noisy, especially in the cargo area where your tools are stored. A snug bulkhead keeps the noise in the back of your van, creating a quieter, more enjoyable ride.
  • Organization: Van bulkheads offer an excellent level of organization. Several van bulkhead accessories can be mounted directly onto the partition, creating more space and storage for your equipment, tools, and paperwork.
  • Climate Control: Adrian Steel van bulkheads and partitions create a seal between the partition and the van sides. This creates a separate space for the driver that can be heated or cooled much quicker than a full size van interior.
  • Professional Image: Installing a bulkhead or partition in your work van creates a very professional look and feel to your work van. Presenting an organized, professional image is imperative in today's competitive marketplace.
  • Value: With an Adrian Steel bulkhead, your work van increases in value. Bulkheads from Adrian Steel are known for quality and durability. By adding an Adrian Steel bulkhead to your work van, you're increasing the value.

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