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Work Van Upfits | Impact on Customer Service

Your work vans are one of your most valuable business investments. Your fleet transports vital tools and equipment and gets your employees where they need to go to get the job done. But did you also know that your van also plays a huge part in providing your customers with outstanding service?

Your Van’s Impact on Customer Service

Just how does your fleet affect the success of your customer service? There are several key factors to this synergistic relationship, the most important being:

  • Your Van is Your Office on Wheels

Your van holds all of your important job documentation, the tools you need to get the job done, and the valuable employees that make your business what it is. When you or your employees are out on a job, the van you drive is the cornerstone of getting business done successfully.

  • Your Van Gives the First Impression

Your work van is the first thing people see, so how you present it impacts how your customers see you. If your fleet is disorganized and messy, that might leave your customers with a negative view of your company.

  • Customers Prefer Professionals

When a customer hires you to complete a job, they want to see a business that is organized, timely, neat, and efficient. Having a well-ordered vehicle will go a long way in leaving your valuable customers with the sense that you are top-notch.

  • Organization=Time and Money

The less time you have to spend digging through your fleet for the tools you need, the more time you can spend on outstanding customer service. Having the time you need to give the highest quality service will also make job completion easier, which means more money for your business.

Let Adrian Steel Help You Get Organized

Adrian Steel offers innovative and durable work van upfits that will help you get and stay organized. Highlights include:

  • Partitions

Keep your cargo and passengers safely separated with out line of outstanding partitions.

  • Adjustable Shelving

Our adjustable shelves help you keep your tools and equipment organized and safe.

  • Drawers

Adrian Steel drawer upfits will give you the space you need to store documents, small tools, and other odds and ends.

  • Ladder Racks

Your ladder is one of your most important pieces of equipment, but also one of the hardest to store and transport. Our ladder racks make loading and unloading easier and keep your ladders safely immobile during transport.

All of our upfits will help you increase the success of your customer service by providing you with a neat, tidy, and functional work vehicle. Call us today and we’ll help you find the perfect upfit package for your business-and your budget!

We offer a variety of high-quality cargo management solutions for fleet managers and service professionals. Our products can be found in the following:

GM Full Size Vans

Ford Full Size Vans

Ford Transit Connect (including the 2014 Transit Connect)


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About Adrian Steel

With over 60 years experience in cargo solution management, Adrian Steel has installed upfits in more than one million vehicles. We are dedicated to providing you with top of the line products and outstanding customer service.

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