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2014 Transit Connect Adrian Steel Ladder Rack

Looking for a great new vehicle to add to your commercial fleet? The 2014 Ford Transit Connect has just what you’re looking for! The Transit Connect is a spectacular new cargo van that offers up many outstanding features and Adrian Steel has partnered with Ford to bring you even more versatile upfit package options to go with it!

Benefits of the 2014 Transit Connect

Before the advent of the Transit Connect, there were few cargo van options available in the United States. Although larger vans are functional and necessary for many businesses, they can make getting around in higher traffic areas a bit difficult.

Ford saw the need for a smaller commercial van in urban areas, and the Transit Connect was born. Key features of the 2014 TC include easy parking and maneuvering on city streets, best in class payload, best in class towing capacity, duel sliding doors, modern and functional interior, electric power-assisted steering, and a roomy cargo area that gives you a wide range of storing and transporting options.

Adrian Steel TC Upfit Packages

Adrian Steel is excited to announce that we have created a new, innovative line of upfits to work in conjunction with the 2014 Transit Connect. Our new TC cargo management solution options give you flexibility and endless versatility. Highlights of our new packages include:

  • Partitions

Our TC partitions are designed to allow for increased adjustability of the front seats, which gives you more room to move around and also additional space to hold your important technological tools and job documentation. Our partitions also maximize your van’s cargo space, giving you an endless array of storage options.

  • Ladder Racks

Our ladder racks, utility racks, and Grip Lock add-on kits are specifically designed for the 2014 Transit Connect and make transporting and using your ladder a cinch.

  • Shelving and Drawers

The new Transit Connect gives you even more storage options. Our unique ADseries shelving units, drawers, hooks, and door kits enable you to take advantage of the height of the van by allowing you to store up instead of out, which increases the floor room in your van’s cargo area.

  • Vocational Upfits

At Adrian Steel, we know that the package that works best for one profession might not work for another. With that in mind, we have designed unique vocational upfit packages for several industries, including General Contractor, General Service, PHVAC, Alarm & Locksmith, Electrical Contractor, Telecommunications, and Automotive Glass Repair. No matter what field you work in, Adrian Steel has the right upfit package for you!

About Adrian Steel

We are the industry leader in providing cargo management

solutions for commercial vehicles. Our goal is to optimize the value of your commercial vehicle by understanding the role of the vehicle in your business.

Adrian Steel provides solutions for a range of vehicles from crossovers to cargo vans. Our customers include those with one vehicle in their fleet to 50,000 vehicles in their fleet. We have upfitted over 1 million vehicles in our 60 plus years in business and have leveraged our expertise in engineering our innovative product line.

Adrian Steel’s installation network provides options to get a vehicle upfitted regardless of where an individual needs to get them done: at the factory, out of dealer stock, at the place of business, or through a bailment pool.

Adrian Steel’s strong reputation in cargo management solutions is only matched by our resolve to offer the industry’s best lead times and highest quality. Learn more at


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