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4 Most Popular Features on Our New Composite Partition

There are a lot of reasons to love our new composite partition – almost as many as there are people who count on it daily for a safer, more comfortable commute. After all, it was created to fit the needs of hardworking tradespeople and their mobile office, which it does – seamlessly.

But if we had to narrow it down to the top 4 most popular features, we’d have to say that our customers love the added leg room in many vans visibility, sound deadening, and climate control our composite partitions provide. Why? We’re glad you asked!

#1 – Better Recline Angle

A little extra comfort can make a world of difference in the driver’s seat of a work van. But how can you make a better, more relaxed space for the driver, while still maximizing the floor space in the cargo area? That’s what we asked our engineers, and they solved the puzzle by looking at it from a whole new angle, literally.

The design of our new composite partition allows for an increased recline angle in the driver’s seat, letting drivers sit back and commute in comfort. The enhanced recline angle also accommodates full-seat travel of the driver’s seat in many of today’s most popular work vans, which creates more cargo room behind the partition.

#2 – Improved Visibility


A mobile office with a great view? We made it happen! The optional poly-clear window available on our composite partition lets you keep an eye on the road and on your cargo. This durable window gives you a clear rear view, limiting your blind spots and increasing visibility. Not only that, it features an anti-glare design, so the headlights behind you won’t distract you from the road ahead. Clearly, it’s a feature focused on driver safety.

#3 – Sound Deadening Technology

At Adrian Steel, we’re firm believers that cargo should be seen and not heard. That’s why we built sound deadening technology into our new composite partition. Even the best-fitting steel partitions can still be noisy, especially when the commute includes more than a few bumps in the road. But the high-tech composite materials used in creating these panels deadens noise from the rear of your van. So instead of listening to the clatter of your equipment, you can enjoy the radio, a podcast, a conversation, or even some well-earned silence.

Not only will it be a relief to listen to what you want, our composite panels are a barrier between you and cargo-area noise that can distract you from the drive. Consider it our way of helping you stay safe and sound-less on your daily commute.

#4 – Climate Control

Waiting for your van to reach a comfortable interior temperature when it has been parked outside all day can seem like an eternity. What’s worse? Knowing you’re spending more on the fuel you need to heat up or cool down all that interior space.

Don’t waste time or money waiting for your cab to reach a comfortable temperature. With a composite partition, you’ll quickly heat or cool your cab and keep the warm or cool air where it belongs – circulating in your cab instead of dissipating into your cargo area. Trust us, your tools won’t complain.

#5 – Bonus: Accessories

Adrian Steel Composite Partition

Need one more reason to add a composite partition to your work van? How about functionality. We offer an accessory mounting kit, so the partition becomes prime real estate for easy-to-access storage! (We did say that it was going to be hard to narrow it down to 4 top features.)

It’s easy to see that our new composite partitions are more than just a product for your work van. It’s an investment in your comfort and your safety.

Composite partitions are now available for the Ford Transit and Transit Connect. Other vehicle models are coming soon. Want to learn more about our partitions or other cargo storage solutions? Contact us online or find a distributor near you to get started today!

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