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Next Level: Integrating Smart Sensor Technology in the HVAC Industry

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As an HVAC technician, you’re familiar with the recent surge in green construction, but did you know it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the country? In 2005, a mere 2% of new building construction was energy efficient, yet just 10 years later that number has grown to almost 50%. Green construction is truly a booming business, and one of the ways the HVAC industry is involved is through smart sensor technology.

What is Smart Sensor Technology?


Smart sensors are a fairly recent technological advancement that emits digital signals that communicate with building systems such as lighting, security, heating, and cooling. Smart sensors convert data and process information, which is then sent to these systems and used for energy usage. Smart sensor technology not only cuts down on wastefulness but also saves money and resources.


Smart Sensors and the HVAC industry


Heating and cooling is one of the biggest expenditures in any building, be it residential or commercial. Because of that, the HVAC installation is part of the building process where green construction is absolutely vital. Strategically adding energy optimization options in the HVAC systems will help lower operational costs, making them one of the fastest growing green industries in the construction world.

Smart sensors are at the core of building automation systems (BAS), which are being used frequently in the HVAC industry.  A BAS system puts the building owner in control of the temperature and comfort levels, but also allows for inefficient energy expense tracking. Smart sensor-driven BAS also measures light, occupancy, air quality, and humidity to fine-tune the environment. This enables the system to detect when no one is in the building and adjust the temperature accordingly, among other things.  A smart sensor BAS can even learn to see patterns in the daily habits of a building’s occupants and create programs that efficiently meet energy needs all on its own.

The Future of Smart Sensors and HVAC


Smart HVAC practices are integral to the natural resources economy. With fuel costs expected to continue to rise and new construction regulations becoming stricter with each passing year, green HVAC knowledge is poised to become not just a smart investment, but also a profitable one. Heating and cooling costs make up the bulk of building operational costs, and more people are eager to explore greener alternatives. As an HVAC technician, staying up to date on the latest energy efficient options will give you more money and long-term job security.


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