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Industry Spotlight: Painting Contractors

Industry Spotlight: Painters;A painter walks from his vehicle upfitted by Adrian Steel

Whether you have a new building that needs the finishing touches or you’re trying to revitalize a century-old home, painting contractors are the professionals that can make your structure stand out. A home or business’s unique look relies on interior or exterior painting and surfacing to look modern, well-maintained and eye-catching.

Read on to learn more about working as a painting contractor and how Adrian Steel upfits can make their job easier.

What Type of Work Do Painters Do?

The primary role of painters is what most people are familiar with: painting structures. In addition to brushes or rollers, commercial painting contractors are trained to use spray guns for covering large areas with even paint. Due to the several layers of coats often required, painting can take a significant amount of time!

While painting surfaces is the most well-known aspect of this career, it’s a process that involves more than paint to surface. Prep work for painters includes:

  • Consulting on color, type of paint, coatings and overall style
  • Determining the best tools to use for the job
  • Preparing paints of the appropriate color and finish
  • Prepping surfaces by removing old wallpaper, sanding the area and applying primer or sealer
  • Staging the area with drop cloths and moving objects to avoid damaging furniture, floors or ceilings

Painting contractors will also patch minor imperfections like holes or dents in the wall. This helps ensure the finished surface looks consistent and pristine!

Custom Upfits for Painters

How Adrian Steel Helps Painters Work Efficiently

A painting contractor is always on the move.  Whether its touch-ups, re-painting or work on a brand new structure, there’s always a job to get done and Adrian Steel is here to help!  Our decades of experience working with veteran painters has provided us with the insight we need to create the best upfit products for any painter’s vehicle.

Starting with the driver, a partition is a must-have for anyone caring a large variety of cargo like paint cans, sprayers and other power tools. Partitions are a barrier that helps protect the occupants of the cab from shifting cargo when the vehicle is in operation.  The composite partition offers a higher level of sound deadening and climate control for a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Not all painting businesses are the same.  Some may be residential while others may be commercial.  This impacts the tools and supplies they need to carry to the job site.  Working with the Adrian Steel Distributor, we can create a custom upfit around each painter’s business.  For instance, we can create an upfit that puts all the painters prep tools and supplies together.  Another area we can put the paint cargo together and then a third area for the clean and touch up supplies.

Adrian Steels drawer towers and shelving make it a cinch to load up on drop cloths, sand paper, tools and brushes without needing to make a supply run in the middle of a job.  Likewise, no painter should be without his ladder.  Our distributors can help you find the perfect Adrian Steel ladder rack for both inside or on top of the van.

Watch Adrian Steel and Commercial Van Interiors help Steve Adix, an award-winning painting contractor, plan and install a new van upfit to get his vehicle organized in Fit Your Whip, a three-part series presented by American Painting Contractor.

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Painters Industry Statistics

New housing construction is booming across the country and every painting contractor is benefiting. Here are some of the most notable statistics in the painting industry today:

  • $41 billion in revenue in 2019
  • Annual growth from 2014-2019 was 3 percent
  • Job outlook for the next decade is a total 38.5 percent growth
  • Annual residential construction is expected to grow at a rate of 3.4 percent annually for the next 10 years
  • There are over 300,000 painting businesses operating in the United States
  • Remodeling projects are expected to increase 4 percent versus previous years

Residential construction and remodeling projects are a major growth factor for painting contractors. All these construction projects require significant surface prepping and painting before completion!

Painting Industry Trends

Top Trends in the Painter’s Industry

All industries move forward as technology and research leads us forward. Painting contractors are no different! While many of their trends are style trends which change with the season or year, there are plenty of reasons that painters need to keep up with the pace of new developments:

Eco-Friendly Paint Products

In the past, most paints have had what are known as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. These VOCs are low-level toxins that permeate into the air and can cause issues to your health or the environment. Eco-friendly paints avoid these VOCs and provide a healthier and more environmentally friendly option!

Dark Color Exteriors

More businesses, especially multi-family properties, are choosing to go with dark colors on the exterior. With the boom in residential construction, it’s important for new properties to stand out and provide tenants or homeowners with a memorable home appearance.

Microbicidal Paint

Painting offers more for a building than the aesthetics of the selected color and glossiness! One newer development in paint production are EPA-approved microbicidal paints. In addition to the standard benefits of painting, microbicidal paints will also kill a majority of bacteria that come in contact with it.

Certain bacteria, like MRSA or the bacteria that causes Staph infections are a chronic issue, particularly in medical facilities. By incorporating microbicidal paint into their planning, these buildings can be made safer against common bacterial risks!

About Adrian Steel & The Painting Industry

Adrian Steel manufactures contractor-grade products and storage solutions including shelving, drawers, cabinets, partitions, ladder racks, aluminum toolboxes, and accessories. Our industry work with painter contractors is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing common headaches in your work day.

We are always evolving with you. As the industry shifts, Adrian Steel can help keep you moving forward with the right upfit solution.

Our network of highly qualified distributors can help you create the ideal upfit for your vehicle.

Find a distributor near you to get started today!

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