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Stow-All Full Wide Deep Work Van Floor DrawersIf your work van is already equipped with an upfit, but you’re still in need of additional storage, work van floor drawers are a great option for you! Available in varying widths and depths, this convenient drawer can be placed on the floor of your cargo area and only takes up 12 inches of height in your van! Adrian Steel’s work van floor drawers are designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • Extra Storage – Sometimes professionals just have a lot of equipment! If your existing upfit doesn’t provide quite the amount of storage that you need to store your tools, a floor drawer is a great add-on. Floor drawers can provide a significant amount of storage without greatly impacting the “crowdedness” of your cargo area.
  • Organization – Instead of having your excess equipment spill over onto the floor, causing a mess, floor drawers provide that extra space where you can store your stuff out of sight. A neat, organized work van is much more efficient than a cluttered one.
  • Convenience – Floor drawers are designed to be easily accessible through your van’s rear or side doors. Additionally, floor drawers are stackable to allow for the greatest amount of customization.

 Types of Adrian Steel Work Van Floor Drawers

Here’s a look at all of Adrian Steel’s floor drawers and floor drawer accessories.

  • Stow-All – Constructed of 14 Gauge steel and powder-coated to last for years, Stow-All floor drawers are designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear. Stow-All floor drawers and designed with top channel cross support members and a double sidewall to prevent bowing. The full width recessed conveyor roller, hardened steel roller bearings, and anti-slam latch allow for easy opening and closing and the push button lock helps to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure in the drawers.
  • Aluminum – Adrian Steel’s, light-weight yet heavy-duty aluminum floor drawers are the only aluminum drawers on the market with anti-slam latch technology. These easy-to-use aluminum floor drawers are equipped with heavy duty handles and ball bearing slides. An automotive grade lock adds an extra level of security to your valuable tools.
  • Accessories – Several accessories are available to make floor drawers even more effective. The Traction Kit includes 4-inch strips of traction tape to apply to the tops of drawers that are installed across the entire floor of the van. The Traction Kit allows professionals to safely walk on top of the drawers without the risk of slipping. Dividers are also available to insert into the drawers to increase customizability and organization for those smaller tools and parts.


Get Floor Drawers Today!

Contact an Adrian Steel distributor near you to get floor drawers installed into your work van. All Adrian Steel products are covered by a three-year or 36,000 mile warranty. Questions? Give us a call at (800) 677-2726 or send us an email at


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