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Candid Cargo: What Service Professionals really think of Adrian Steel Upfits

NV200 Adrian Steel | Candid Cargo: What Service Professionals really think of Adrian Steel UpfitsWhen you’re considering purchasing a new cargo van for your commercial fleet, you take all of the available information about different models into consideration. Brochures with specs, commercials, and other promotional information will all give you plenty of information, but how can you know what other business owners like you truly feel about the vehicle you’re considering buying?

Nissan decided to find out for you by using hidden cameras to interview small business owners and get their thoughts on the NV200 Compact Cargo Van and the NV Cargo High Roof Van. What they discovered is fascinating!


The Candid Cargo Interviews

With the help of a plucky interviewer and several hidden cameras, Nissan spoke with three small business owners about the NV Cargo High Roof and the NV200 Compact Cargo Van, complete with Adrian Steel upfit packages.

Through interviews with Julio Ferrari of The Paw Depot, Chris Morse of Lex’s Plumbing, and Rod Waits of Nicholson-Hardie Nursery and Garden Center, they found out just what people really love about Nissan’s cargo van line. All three agreed that the major highlights of both vehicles include:

  • Spacious and Quiet

Although a compact cargo van, the NV200 is incredibly roomy, in both the cargo and cab sections. Chris Morse loved how high up the seats are and how much room there is to move around in the cab. Julio Ferarri stated that the NV200 is so quiet it feels more like a luxury sedan than a commercial cargo van. Rod Waits, who drives the NV Cargo High Roof, specifically chose his vehicle because of the roominess and extra cargo space.

  • Perfect Traveling Office

All three business owners interviewed in the videos loved the organization of the vehicles, especially the front fold down seat in the NV200. This feature enables them to convert the passenger seat into a workstation that can hold laptops, files, cell phones, notebooks, and tablets. Chris Morse states that he especially loves this feature because he is constantly using his vehicle as his office and Rod Waits loves that the NV Cargo High Roof comes with enough filing space to hold of all of his necessary job documents.

  • 60/40 Doors and Backup Cameras

Another feature of the NV200 that these business owners found invaluable are the specially designed back doors. The right door opens up 60 degrees for easy access, while the left opens 40 degrees to protect it from oncoming traffic. Both vehicles also feature backup cameras that can connect to laptops, increasing both driving and back up safety.

Adrian Steel Nissan Upfits

Each business owner was also impressed with the included Adrian Steel upfits, including shelving, filing cabinets, and pre-drilled floor holes for additional upfits. Adrian Steel is pleased to work with Nissan and has introduced a full line of cargo management solutions designed especially for the NV200.

These upfit packages highlight Adrian Steel’s renowned quality, innovative design, and attention to detail. Some of the upfit packages Adrian Steel has created for the NV200 include:

  • Shelving
  • Trade Packages
  • Partitions
  • Ladder Racks

Adrian Steel can also integrate many of our existing modular products into the NV200 and NV Cargo High Roof, making this new line of Nissan vehicles some of the most versatile and functional vans on the market today.

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