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Remodelers: Organize Your Business with a Cargo Trailer

Cargo Trailer organized with shelvesIf you’ve ever longed for the freedom of your own business, now is the time!  Have a cargo trailer and a knack for light construction?  You have the makings of your own remodeling business.

Cargo Trailers Work Hard

Utilizing a cargo trailer is excellent for a remodeling business.   A trailer gives you the ability to store and haul your tools, equipment, and parts conveniently.  A trailer allows tons of room for materials, and you also have the option of a truck bed for things like sheet goods or plywood.

One major advantage of owning a cargo trailer, and using it for business, is that you can always detach it from your SUV, van, or truck.  Now your vehicle can be used for both personal use and work, which gives you much more flexibility.  Detaching your cargo trailer from your vehicle has additional benefits; you also have the ability to leave your trailer at the job site, which means your crew can work out of your trailer, even if you’re not there.

It’s a Tough Job

Using a cargo trailer as your ‘mobile office’ comes in handy in a lot of ways.  The interior of a cargo trailer is designed to fully fit the remodeler’s trade.  With its open floor and bare walls, the cargo trailer seems perfectly fit for a small remodeling business.  Not every trade can make efficient use of the vacant space, but remodelers carry a wide variety of goods, from long boards to small parts.  Because of that, you can easily utilize every inch of your trailer.Ladder Rack for Cargo Trailers - Ladder Keeper - Interior Rack

For example, many remodelers handle flooring, like hardwoods, laminates, and tile.  If you haul hardwood floors around, the smell from the sealants can permeate your work vehicle.  With a cargo trailer, you can haul the flooring in a separate vehicle, ensuring that your cab doesn’t smell.  The same goes for cabinets.  With a trailer, you can haul your materials directly to the job site, saving time and hassle.

Let’s Get Organized

It’s easy to open the back of your trailer and start filling it with stuff.  But there’s a better way – getting organized.  By organizing the back of your trailer, you’re doing yourself a huge favor.  The ability to quickly and easily locate just what you need can save you hundreds of hours in the long run.  By separating tools and parts into sections, you can be faster, more efficient, and your clients will be happier.  Happier clients are always a bonus!

Adjustable Shelving Goes Where You Want It

Shelving is a staple of an organized trailer.  Shelving is extremely versatile, allowing you to store various sizes and types of tools.  Bins are useful, too, for smaller items like door knobs and screws.

When installing shelves in your trailer, make sure they’re adjustable.  Truly adjustable shelving makes organization much simpler; it grows along with you.  Quality shelving will last for many years, which means your business will undergo changes during the life of your shelving.  Instead of buying new shelves every time your needs change, consider adjustable shelves.  Adjustable shelving can be adjusted to the size you require.

Ladder Racks – Another Level of Organization

Your cargo trailer has only so much space.  Make the most of it with a cargo trailer ladder rack.  A ladder rack offers multiple benefits:

  • Protects your ladder
  • Utilizes the roof of your trailer
  • Increases usable space inside your trailer

There are several types of ladder racks, so you can choose the right one for you.  In addition to roof-mounted racks, you can select a side-mounted or interior rack as well.

Made for Your Business

Not sure what you need, but ready to get serious?  Check out vocation-specific trade packages.  There are cargo trailer packaged designed specifically for remodelers.  Don’t stress out, trying to decide what you need; browse optional packages already designed for remodelers!

Quality.  Innovation.  Experience. 

Adrian Steel stands for the highest quality cargo trailer equipment available.  If you’re a professional service provider, you deserve the best.  Adrian Steel is proud to offer durable and reliable cargo trailer products to our customers.  Our warranty covers our products for three years, or 36,000 miles. Learn more at

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