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If you own the new Nissan NV200, you’ve probably thought about upfitting it.  After all, every plumber deserves a hard working van.

If you’re like most plumbers, chances are you know exactly what your work van should look like – tons of space, unending storage, and rigorous organization.

Great things come in small packages.  With the new Nissan NV200, you’re on your way to cutting gas costs, and with the right equipment and accessories, your NV200 could be an excellent Plumber’s Van!

Organization Equals Efficiency

As a plumber, you’ll need a lot of space to haul your necessities, like pipes and fittings.  Make the most of the space you have with the most efficient storage options available, such as open shelving, bins, and different size drawer units.

As you can see below, the back of your van can be organized to create a work-friendly space for your tools and equipment.  Notice the bins along the top of the shelves – excellent for small parts.  The open shelving allows for easy accessibility.  A partition separates the back of the van from the cab area, creating a quieter, and safer, drive.  Read below for a breakdown of each part, and how it benefits you.

Nissan NV200 - upfit package for Plumbers van

1.       Steel Partition

A steel partition is placed just behind the front seats, to create a ‘wall’ between the driver and the van cargo area.  A partition keeps cargo in the back, so it doesn’t shift into the cab area while you’re driving.  Ever experienced steel pipes skidding across your van floor, into your cab?  If so, you understand the need for a partition.  A partition can provide other benefits as well, such as creating a quieter, more climate-controlled cab area for you.  You can also mount accessories onto the partition, which is an excellent way to utilize space.

2, 3, 4, 10. HD Shelving 12” x 32” & 12” x 28”

Our HD (heavy duty) shelving allows you to utilize the height of your high roof NV, and create more space in the back of your van.  Vertical storage solutions are an excellent choice for this vehicle model.  Our rail kits (two streetside, one curbside) assist with mounting, and increase stability.  Open shelving makes it easy for you to see where your tools are, and creates easy organization.

5, 7, 9.  Blue Bins & Drawers

Multiple choices for small part storage:  Blue bins or drawers, 6” and 12”.   It’s simple to get your small parts organized.  Fittings, plugs, valves, washers – all these little pieces are easy to lose, mix up, and damage.  Our small part storage keeps them where they’re supposed to be – together and out of harm’s way.   The blue bins offer an open view, to easily spot just what you need.  If you require something more secure, our closing 6” and 12” drawers are just right.

6, 11.  Three Drawer Combo & Four Drawer Shallow

Completely secure, our Lock ‘n Latch system allows you the choice of drawers open, drawers retained, or drawers locked position.

8.  5” Hooks

Hooks are very versatile.  Hang cables, hoses, tubes, and anything else you need from our sturdy 5” hooks.

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