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Quick Organization Tips for Electricians

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You’re a professional, therefore you need to look and act like a professional.  That means you show up on time for jobs, you have the tools and equipment you need to get the job done, you educate yourself and keep current on the latest industry news.

It also helps to be organized.  Here are a few quick organization tips for electricians.

Organization Tips for Electricians

Organize Your Schedule

Number one complaint about electricians?  They don’t show up on-time.  Don’t be that guy.  Don’t get to your appointments late and start jobs off on the wrong foot.  Instead, impress your clients, and act like a professional by arriving a few minutes early to each job.  Your clients will notice – and they will appreciate it.

This seems like a simple statement, but it can get tricky when you have several jobs in one day.  What’s the solution?  Organize your schedule.  Write down appointment times in a notebook, schedule them into your smartphone or tablet, or utilize an online tool (there are plenty available) to keep your appointment times straight.  Give yourself extra time between jobs, just in case something comes up.  Make sure you have directions and you know where you’re going (do this ahead of time).

You may think that you’ll make more money by scheduling appointments back to back, but this isn’t necessarily true.  In fact, if you over-schedule yourself, you could end up arriving late to multiple appointments, or not making it to a job at all.  That spells disaster, because your clients will be unhappy, and they’ll tell people about it.  Instead, keep your schedule organized in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s with a pen and paper, or the latest iPhone app.

Organize Your Van

Working out of your cargo van, like a Ford Econoline, is great.  It’s a solid work van with tons of space for your equipment and tools.  But if you’re not ruthlessly organized, the cargo area can get messy very fast.

Not sure what you need?  No problem.   Check out the van diagram below, for easy organization.  You can start with the Base Plus package, featuring ADseries Shelving, and add van accessories as you need them.

Commercial Van interior - organization zones | Adrian Steel

The van diagram above breaks down your van into 5 zones.  Evaluate each zone to determine the van accessories you need.

  • Zone 1:  Partition
  • Zones 2, 3, 4:  Shelving, Storage Modules,
  • Zone 5:  Ladder Rack and Roof Accessories
  • Additional Storage:  Door Kits, Drawer Units, Hooks, etc.

Ready to get started?  Print out the Plan Your Van worksheet, and get organized!

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