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It’s 2014: Time to grow your business! Easier said than done, though, right? No worries – Adrian Steel has several great tips to help you stay ahead of your competition this year.

Your job is unique. PHVAC Techs work in nearly every condition and location – on rooftops, in basements, and everywhere else in-between. The job is dirty, precise, and labor-intensive. But you already know that. The question is: How do you streamline your business so that you’re efficient and successful?

Upfit Packages for PHVAC Techs

Our upfit packages are perfectly designed to help you get the job done. Adrian Steel upfit packages include shelving, bins, partitions, and other useful items that will help you stay organized and efficient at your job. You can view all of our innovative PHVAC upfit packages on our website at

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Get Organized

Staying organized is vital to a PHVAC techs success, and one of the key places where organization is necessary is in your work van. Adrian Steel upfit packages will help keep you organized, as will following these PHVAC cargo van organizational tips:

  1. Think of your truck like a restaurant. You should have a back of the house (van) and a front of the house (van) and the two should be kept separate at all times. The front of your van should only include items like guides, invoices, service forms, manuals, and your laptop or other communication device. The back of the van should be uniform throughout the entire fleet and should house your tools and inventory.
  1. Use organizational software. These programs allow you to map your van, give each shelf a code, and assign these codes to your inventory parts. This allows for quick and easy restocking for all of your staff.
  2. Leave plenty of room for your tools. Having all technician tools well organized will keep them safe and easy to locate. By utilizing Adrian Steel upfit packages, you will enable your staff to keep everything they need to do their job well organized.


As with all business, advertising can help you grow your PHVAC company. Whether you are at a jobsite, at lunch, at the office or at home, your work vehicle is advertising your business 24/7. With eye catching graphics, potential customers can see what you do and how to contact you if and when they ever need your services.

Ready to install one of Adrian Steel’s innovative PHVAC upfit packages? You can find our products throughout the US and Canada – simply contact your local Adrian Steel distributor today!

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