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Next Level: How to Become a Renewable Energy Technician

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Renewable energy has become a hot commodity in recent years, with more and more areas of the construction industry becoming “green”. The electrical field is no exception, with programs and certificates for becoming a renewable energy technician popping up in colleges and trade schools all across the country. If you’re an electrician or an electrical technician looking to get into the field of renewable energy, we have some great information to help you get started.


Types of Renewable Energy Technician Jobs


With an established background in electrical work, there are a few different options available to you in the renewable energy technician industry. Some of the most popular and profitable include:


Solar Power Technician


Much like traditional electrical work, solar power involves wiring, but with a green twist. Solar power electrical technicians also learn how to install panels on residential and commercial buildings that then harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity.


Electronic Vehicle Technician


Electronic Vehicle Technicians work on vehicles that run solely on electricity. While they do perform routine maintenance like other mechanics, they also need a strong electrical background with extensive knowledge on how lithium-ion batteries and automotive systems work together. They also need to learn how to replace hydraulic systems with electric-powered systems.


Photovoltaic Installer


Much like solar power technicians, Photovoltaic Installers learn the ins and outs of solar energy, but this type of job requires additional ETA-approved training in proper installation sequence, performance characteristics, and safety practices.


Enhanced Journeyman Electrical Technician


These positions are identical to traditional journeyman electrical technicians, but with additional certification in renewable energy. Many energy companies such as DTE and Consumers Energy are hiring enhanced journeyman electrical technicians as a way to bridge the gap between traditional electricity and renewable energy.


Certifications and Outlook


Most renewable energy certifications are earned in two years at local community colleges or trade schools, although some programs require additional special ETA-approved training. Many companies in the industry are also choosing to invest in renewable energy by providing trained electrical technicians with continuing education opportunities.


The outlook for this new segment of the market is excellent. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over 37,000 new jobs and $1.9 trillion in revenues will be created in the renewable energy industry by the year 2018. Renewable energy technicians also earn approximately $10,000 more per year than standard electrical technicians do, making this an exciting and profitable field.


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