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Market Trends: Increased Focus on Ergonomic Upfits

white Ford Transit van with ladder | Increased Focus on Ergonomic Upfits | Adrian Steel As a fleet manager, you should be aware of the increase in workers’ compensation claims filed by fleet drivers. Current market trends indicate that there’s an increasing effort to cut down on these claims by focusing on ergonomic upfits. Ergonomic products not only cut down on on-the-job injuries but also saves you money in the long run. However, not all upfits are created equal and what works for one driver will not necessarily work for another. We’ve compiled the ins and outs of ergonomic upfits to help you make the best choices for your fleet.


What are Ergonomic Upfits?


Any work vehicle add-ons that increase safety and energy expenditure can be considered an ergonomic upfit. Grab handles, step bumpers, and drop down ladder racks reduce insurance claims and improve safety and efficiency. Other items include rear-view cameras, reverse sensing systems, back-up alarms, remote starters, and convex mirrors.


Benefits of Ergonomic Products


A well designed and properly spec’d ergonomic upfit reduces strain on the fleet driver’s arms, legs, back, and neck. This reduction of physical strain significantly cuts down the costs associated with work-related injuries. Lowering worker injury rates not only saves you money from workers’ compensation claims, but it also saves money lost from decreased productivity, employee shortages, and sick pay.


Things to Consider Before Investing


Despite the benefits of ergonomics, there are some potential drawbacks. The main issue you must consider before purchasing is how well they’ll work for each employee. For example, many upfits take up significant space in a vehicle, and a taller driver may find working out of a truck or van with reduced space uncomfortable. On the other hand, shorter employees, particularly women, can be at risk if they must consistently stretch and strain while accessing upfit storage compartments.


These challenges can be addressed in a few ways:


  • Seek out products that are as close to a one size fits all package as you can get. This approach helps retain a certain level of cost control and is ideal if you have a small fleet with drivers that are male and approximately the same height.
  • Before making your choice, consider the overall needs of your company and the amount of physical variances between employees.  If you have a larger fleet with a wide variety of physical shapes and sizes, a custom package is a good option.


Adrian Steel Ergonomic Upfit Packages


Ready to invest in an ergonomic upfit package? Adrian Steel is here to help! We have a wide variety of packages available to suit all of your needs, including our most popular and efficient ladder racks.


EZ Load Ladder Racks


Loading and unloading a ladder from the top of a commercial vehicle is inconvenient and can cause a lot of strain on the body. Our EZ Load ladder racks are designed for professionals of average (5’8) height and lowers ladders six inches towards the user, increasing comfort and convenience while cutting down on back and neck strain.


LoadsRite Ladder Racks


Our LoadsRite ladder rack is the most ergonomically designed ladder rack available. The rack is equipped with an easy-to-reach handle that allows the user to utilize both hands during ladder lowering and ensures proper loading and unloading.


Interior Ladder Racks


Not only does our Interior Ladder Rack protect your ladders from damage and theft, but they also make loading and unloading ladders much simpler for people of shorter stature. No more climbing and reaching to lower your ladder! With this Interior Ladder Rack, your ladder is easily and safely accessible.


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